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Are Trampoline Too Risky?

No description

Esteban Zepeda

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Are Trampoline Too Risky?

Are Trampoline Too Risky?
By Justin O'niel
The subject is about how many people get injured on the trampoline.
The tone is very
because a lot of children could have died.
What percent of people who go on the trampoline get injured?
A.75% B.69% C.45% D.50%
What year were trampolines made?
A.1945 B.1930 C.1990 D.1950
"Kids are also getting hurt on the springs and when they collide with each other.Sprains,broken bones,bruises,and serious injuries to the head and neck have been reported.One out of every 200 trampolines injuries leads to permanent brain damage." (21)
What the writer is trying to achieve is that how trampolines aren't safe for anybody for trampolines.
To the students who are interested in reading the scope magazine
Non-fiction article
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