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No description

Samuel Johnson

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Eminem

Marshal matters samuel johnson In Marshall childhood he and his mother would move from Detroit 8mile which is a trailer park that in the poor part of Detroit which rap was part of life.8mile is a highway which goes thought the northern part of detroit.They would move for a couple of months and always come back to 8mile. in school and high school Marshall was always got picked on and bulled
this made making friends hard for him In high school Marshall did not past the 9Th grade the third tried he decided he had enough so he worked on his what he was most passionate about rapping. Marshall had to dream if one not work he would of tried the other one they were becoming a rapper and or a comic book shop owner.He was only 14 when he got into rap at the age of 17 he was getting a name for himself.He was only using is Initials at first M&m which later become Eminem. Because of his skin color he was rejected by people all the time cause rap was a black music even know he was a determined rapper.to prove to people He can do it he started preformed in small underground Rap clubs. Marshall had a high school lover Kim later become Marshall's wife and they had had one baby Girl Hallie jade Scott. between looking after his family and his underground rap clubs Marshall was found by D12( The Dirty Dozen) it's an American hip hop group from Detroit Michigan Eminem's albums 1996 :infinite
1999:the slim shady LP
2000 the Marshall matters LP
2002 the eminem show
2004 encore
2009 relapse
2010 recovery my question why do people listen to marshall matters My link is open rap battles
at northen sound system Fast facts 2002 Marshall matters made 8 mile 2007 marshall nearly od on slepping pills and nearly died 2010 recovery the albums was made 2006 Marshall asked for joint custody of their daughter 1972 Marshall matters was born 1999 frist wedding
2006 second wedding Links
http://eminemweb.yaia.com/biography.html and 8 mile In my survey i asked 20
people 5 said yes and 15 said no if they knowwho is
Marshall matters was (eminem) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0298203/ just a song from 8 miles
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