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Janvi T

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of ZAYN MALIK

How is Zayn's life after he became famous? Zayn Malik was born on January 12,1993.
He was born in the St.Luke's Hospital in
Bradford, England. His birthday has passed
recently and he is now twenty years old. Where and when was Zayn Malik born? Zayn has three sisters named Safaa, Doniya, This is information on Zayn's family life! When did Zayn start Zayn Malik started playing music in a very
young age.He started playing music when
he was around five or six years old. He used to make shows for the family and than he performed them. Who supported Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik had many supporters. His main
supporters were his fans. Also, his mom and girlfriend Perrie, had supported him. All of them supported him so much, he quit smoking! His fans and family supported him before and they still are. Zayn got to be known all around the world.
He got to sign many,many autographs and got
a lot of money. Also, he got to sign record deals
with big time music directors with his band. All
of their songs are very popular! This is some interesting information on Zayn Malik from the band ''One Direction''. Zayn Malik! Happy belated
b-day Zayn! and Waliyha. His dad, Yaser, is a British-Pakistani & his mom is British women named Patricia but people call her Tricia. His current girlfriend is Perrie Edwards from a girl group called ''Little Mix''. Zayn and his family has two cats named Rolo and Tom. This is information on his family life. This is a picture of Zayn's family. playing music? This is a picture of
Zayn as a kid, playing music.
DJ MALIK! These are pictures of
Zayn's supporters. On
the left is Perrie & on the
right is his mom. This is the band
One Direction! Why he started in the music industry? He started playing because he loved music,
it was one of his hobbies. Also, he tried out for
the X-Factor when he was seventeen. That made a big interest in music for him. This is Zayn on the X-Factor! What type of music does Zayn Malik play? Zayn Malik plays pop and sometimes R&B.He plays some intruments like the guitar,triangle,keyboard,and piano. That is a picture of Zayn playing guitar. What are some obstacles Zayn faced? Zayn had two obstacles he faced while he was on tour. When he was going on tour, one of his family members died which was tragic news for him. He had started to smoke and he tried to quit but he had a very tough time. Why is Zayn an important singer? Zayn is a very important singer in this world. He is important because he is in a very important band called One Direction. This band makes incredible songs and Zayn sings very,very,good! They have won the hearts of their fans and are very important. Also,they help in volunteer work and charity.This is why Zayn is important! This is a picture of One Direction helping a charity. Songs we like by One Direction! We like all the songs by One Direction, but if we had to pick some, we would pick ''kiss you'',''one thing'', and ''little things.'' Their famous songs are ''what makes you beautiful'' and ''kiss you''! Information on One Direction! The name of the band is One Direction. There are five guys in the band. Their names are: Harry Styles,Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson,Liam Payne, and of course, Zayn Malik. All the five boys were solo singers on the X-Factor. There was a suggestion by a special guest star on the show named Nicole Scherzinger. Since she suggested they all become a band, they agreed and become One Direction! What is Zayn involved in? Zayn Malik is involved in charity work with his band. He is also involved in comic reliefs! This is a picture of Zayn doing charity work! What are some of Zayn's hobbies and interests? Zayn has many hobbies. His favorite hobby is obviously singing songs! He also enjoys acting, drawing, and he likes drama! What did Zayn want to be other then a musician? Zayn Malik wanted to be some kind of a teacher. He was planning to be a English teacher. Bibliography 1.http://hollywoodlife.com/celeb/zayn-malik/
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