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The historic timeline of british rock music

A historic timeline of british rock music

Tom Webb

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The historic timeline of british rock music

A timeline of british rock music!! ROCK BRITISH By Tom Webb The Beatles influenced both the British and American chart dramatically in the early 1960's with their first hit, love me do, which got to #17 in the british chart show on 13th October 1962 The Beatles The Rolling Stones The rolling stones are a band that were founded in 1962 and celebrated their 50th last year. The Who The who came together in 1964. They had many hit albums including: Quadrathenia, Who's next, The who by numbers and Tommy. Queen Queen were a very successful rock band during the 70's. One of their most famous songs is we will rock. Led zeppelin Led zeppelin were the first superstar heavy rock band. Although, not all of their songs were heavy rock, some even ranged from folk to reggae. OASIS ( just for Katie) Oasis was a band with main members; the gallagher brothers. they are from the city of manchester and have created some very successful songs such as Don't look back in anger and champagne supernova. The police formed in London at school in 1977. Sting, the lead singer of the group was a teacher and recieved 16 grammy awards. Manic street preachers Manic street preachers
are an alternative rock
band formed in 1986 in
Blackwood, wales. They
consist of: James Dean
Bradfield, Nicky Wire,
Sean moore. They were
originally a quartet and
they became a trio when
Richey Edwards disappeared
on 1st February 1995. Rod Stewart Rod Stewart is a very successful singer songwriter and has been involved with many bands including the faces. He has won many awards including a CBE that he recieved from the Queen. He is number 17 on Billboard magazines' top 100 artists of all time. Muse Muse are an English rock band from Teignmough, Devon. They sing songs such as neutron star collision, super massive black hole and apocalypse please. Jake Bugg Jake Bugg was born in and raised in Nottingham. He plays the electric and the acoustic guitar and sings a range of different songs such as:
Trouble town
Ballad of mr jones
Lightning bolt
Two fingers
country song
and Seen it all.
He is 18 years old and has already had a number one with his self-titled albulm, "Jake Bugg". His favourite artists include Oasis, Johnny Cash and The beatles
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