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lecture 5

chris hull

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of psychopathology

Pain & the Brain Somatoform Disorder
Factitious Disorder
Malingering Dissociative
Disorder Somatoform,
Factitious, &
Disorders Conclusion The creatures cause pain by being born, and live by inflicting pain, and in pain they mostly die. In the most complex of all the creatures, Man, yet another quality appears, which we call reason, whereby he is enabled to foresee his own pain which henceforth is preceded with acute mental suffering and to foresee his own death while keenly desiring permanence.” – C.S. Lewis in The problem of pain. 1)Pain is initiated by the Fall (Genesis 3: 16-20) 2) Jesus’ Response to Pain:
a.Horror and distress - Mark 14: 33.
b.Soul-crushing grief - Mark 14: 34
c.Take this cup (of pain?) from me Mark 14: 36
d.God’s will be done Mark 14: 36
e.Endures the most horrific pain with his “wits about him” (doesn’t drink the wine/gall mixture, potentially poison or an opiate-based pain reliever) 3)Our Response to Pain:
a.Horror & distress
b.Soul-crushing grief
c.Take this pain from me
d.God’s will be done
e.We lose our wits; our pain results in psychopathology (we drink, use drugs, dissociate, complain, worry, etc. in the face of pain). 4)Pain & Psychopathology:
a.Somatoform disorders - complaints or fears of physical pain, disabilities, or disease without physical pathology to support the reports.
b.Factitious disorders - faking pain or illness to receive some external or psychological benefit.
c.Dissociative disorders - complete avoidance of pain or painful memories through the disruption of a stable, coherent identity.
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