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Senior English Final

Pygmalion Infographic

Grace Oyemosu

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Senior English Final

HENRY HIGGINS COLONEL PICKERING ELIZA DOOLITTLE MRS HIGGINS Pickering Higgins Eliza Doolittle Professor Higgins Colonel Pickering Henry Higgins Henry Higgins is a professor of phonetics
He is an Upper-class man
He make a bet with Colonel Pickering that he will make a duchess of Eliza in three month. Eliza is a poor flower girl.
her dream was to own a flower shop.
She approach Higgins to teach her how to speak a good English like a genteel lady.
She was transformed from a flower girl into a sophisticated young lady. ELIZA DOOLITTLE MAJOR CHARACTERS WHO HAS THE MOST POWER? Most-Least Has the same social class as Higgins
He said he will helps in paying for the cost of Eliza's experiment if Higgins truly make a lady of her.
Eliza credit him for been respectful and making her transformation from flower girl to a lady successful. Higgins Pickering Eliza WHO HAS THE MOST MONEY? Higgins Pickering Eliza Henry Higgins
colonel Pickering
Eliza Doolittle Eliza MINOR CHARACTERS Alfred Doolitle
Mrs Higgins
Freddy Eynsford Hill
Clara Eynsford Hill
Mrs Eynsford Hill
Mrs Pearce MRS HIGGINS ALFRED DOOLITTLE Freddy Eynsford Hill Family Mrs Pearce Mr Higgins house keeper.
She serves as a mother figure to Eliza.
She's in middle-class
He's Eliza's father
He was transformed from a dustman to a gentleman.
He's in lower class
After his transformation, his social class status changed to middle class Higgins mother
She also has a high social class status
Warn Higgins and Pickering about the experiment to turn Eliza into a lady.
Doesn't like the way Higgins treat Eliza. Son of Mrs Eynsford Hill and Brother to Clara.
Wants to marry Eliza.
He will be consider an upper class because he's getting married to Eliza. Mother and sister of Freddy
They are not rich but act like an upper class person. WHY SOME OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE POWERS WHILE OTHERS DO NOT. Some characters like Higgins have money but do not have power because he does not have any manners and also lack some good ways to communicate with people. Hes been pushed by the money he has but does not know that there is a limit to what money can buy. Pickering does have power because he's rich and also maintain his social class status. He treats everyone with equality and has respect for all. Eliza Doolittle, now a good looking and sophisticated lady, was previously poor but after the transformation has more power than her phonetic teacher (Higgins). Her power comes from her brilliancy, being educated , in addition to her new social class status.
The Marxist criticism in this story is that the rich are well educated, and more sophisticated than the poor. The poor only spend their time looking for what to survive on. This is shown by Eliza, who has to sell flowers to survive. The Marxist criticism also brought the point that the idea of the social class is natural, meaning God created everyone to be equal in this world. This was displayed by Eliza when she was transformed, she showed that with the proper training anyone can develop their personality. BACKGROUND MY PYGMALION INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY: GRACE OYEMOSU THANK YOU OPTION B- POWER Before After Transformation Before After Transformation
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