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Moving Beyond Level 1 Generalisations

Developing Stronger Concept Based Units

Adam McGuigan

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Moving Beyond Level 1 Generalisations

Developing Stronger Concept Based Units
Moving Beyond Level 1 Generalisations
Jot down


for the unit
Select a couple
Use each conceptual lens to create
with the related concepts.
These will become
Lines of Inquiry
People with similar needs group together to form a community (connection)
Organisations provide services designed to meet a community’s needs (function)
Goods and services have an on impact a community (perspective)
Develop a range of teacher questions from your lines of inquiry
) to frame the unit. Have students use their factual answers to understand the
conceptual questions.
Why do people group together?
What is a community?
What are people’s needs?
How do communities get their needs?
What are goods and services?
Who provides these goods and services?
How can goods or services impact a community?
What positive impacts do goods and services have on a community?
What negative impacts do goods and services have on a community?
Use your lines of inquiry to write a larger generalisation:
the unit's
Central Idea
Organisations provide for people's needs which can
help and change
a community.
Based on the work of Lynn Erickson
Human Needs
Yes! They are like Central Ideas! But they promote deeper engagement and understanding.
Side thought...
Keep the Central Idea for your planning, to keep you on track, but hide from the students. Try and get students to use their understanding of the lines of inquiry to make their own generalisation.
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