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Flat Stanley's Adventure 2011

Flat Stanley's trip with Miss Shoemaker over Spring Break 2011

Jennifer Shoemaker

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Flat Stanley's Adventure 2011

Flat Stanley's Adventure
2011 ...here we go! First, I took a loooong drive
down I-70 with
the Shoemakers Then Miss Shoemaker and I
took our picture when
we made it to Colorado The next morning,
I rode the Light Rail
to the Denver Convention
Center to... ...watch Julia play
volleyball! I saw Kylie's team, too!
Kylie is Julia's best friend. After all of that volleyball,
I was hungry. I visited the Norris
family in Littleton. Kris made a
delicious dinner, and we all
ate cheesecake to celebrate Brad's
birthday! After dinner, I took
a hike with the Shoemaker
and Norris families. Max and Rico,
the dogs, even went, too! The hike led to more
family fun... I even warmed up
to watch the
K-State game! The third day
in Colorado, I
visited Joe at law
school. There were
a LOT of students
reading books. I love to read! After three days in
Denver, I headed off
with the Shoemakers to Colorado Springs. We drove up Pike's Peak and saw
beautiful mountain scenery! We also toured the
Air Force Academy.
I saw fighter jets there! I loved Colorado,
but I saw a street
sign that reminded
me of my home
in Manhattan... So, I rode with the Shoemakers
all the way home to rainy Kansas. The End!
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