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Beast from Air


vamcydher kilari

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Beast from Air

Beast from Air
Character Development
- does things because he wants to be
a good chief and a leader

"Ralph stood up and walked for the sake of dignity, though with his
back pricking, to the platform." (pg. 108)
"Something deep in Ralph spoke for him." (pg. 114)

- he is desperate to be rescued

"There's no signal now. Nothing to show." (pg. 116)
"I'm chief. We've got to make certain. Can't you see the mountain?
There's no signal showing. There may be a ship out there." (pg. 118)

- tension mounts between Ralph and Jack throughout the chapter

"'Conch! Conch!' shouted Jack, 'we don't need the conch anymore.'" (pg. 110)
"'You haven't got the conch,'" he said. 'Sit down.'" (pg. 111)


Loss of Innocence

Corruption of power
-Excitement to hunt the beast
"This is a hunter's job." (pg. 111)

-Willing to kill
"Shove a palm tree under that and if an enemy came..." (pg. 116)

-They care less about being rescued
"You're nuts on the signal!" (pg. 116)
-becomes more needy for Ralph's attention

-becomes more frightened throughout the chapter

-still respects the rules around the island
"I got the conch-" (pg. 110)

-is slowly broken down by Jack more and more

-seems more distant throughout this chapter
"Couldn't we-kind of-stay here? Maybe the beast won't come near us." (pg. 110)
Golding's writing style
-there is no physical beast

"However Simon thought of the best, there rose before his inward sight of the picture of a human at once heroic and sick." (pg. 112)
Loss of Innocence
Personification/ Irony
-sentences are written simply
-dialogue spoken clearly and realistically

"The twins shared their identical laughter, then remembered the darkness and other things and glanced round uneasily"(pg.105)

"Eric watched the scurrying wood-lice that were so frantically unable to avoid the flames, and thougth of the first fire- he did not like to remember it, and looked away at the mountain top." (pg.106)
- Basically only Piggy and Ralph and trying to stay civilized

"I got the conch-" (pg. 110)
"'You haven't got the conch,' he said. 'Sit down.' (pg. 111)
- Jack given up being civilized

"You're nuts on the signal." (pg.116)
"'Conch! Conch! ' shouted Jack, 'we don't need the conch
anymore...'" (pg. 110)
- Ralph's desperate desire to return to the civilized part
of the world

"I'm chief. We've got to make certain. Can't you see the
mountain? There's no signal showing. There may be a
ship out there. Are you all off your rockers?" (pg. 118)
"We want smoke. And you go wasting your time. You
roll rocks." (pg. 117)
-exposed to their surroundings
"Hasn't anyone got any sense? We've got to re-light that fire... Or don't any of you want to be rescued?" (pg.127)

-something within them
"However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick." (pg.128)
- Beast is the nature itself
"Then the sleeping leviathan breathed out- the water rose, the weed streamed, and the water boiled over the table rock with a roar." (pg.115)
- Ralph
- Simon
- Shows logic about the beast's existence

"Simon, walking in front of Ralph, felt a flicker of of incredulity- a beast with claws that scratched, that sat on a mountain-top, that left no tracks and yet was not fast enough to catch Samneric." (pg.112)

- Begins to express his thoughts

"Simon mumbled confusedly: 'I don't believe in the beast.'" (pg.114)
-Jack is very eager and hungry for this hunt
-Wants to hunt things other than pigs
"This'll be a real hunt! Who'll come?" (pg.109)
-Starts to lose temper and not care about anything

"Sucks to be the littluns!" (pg.110)
-Starts to take in control of the group, everyone is
on Jack's side

"Jack let the way down the rock and across the bridge." (pg.118)
Corruption of Power
-The chief is getting overpowered
-The power of the chief useless
"'I say we'll go on!' shouted Ralph furiously.
'We've got to make certain. We'll go now.'
'Let's stay here- 'Back to the shelter-' 'I'm tired- (pg.118)
"We've got plenty of time!" (pg.117
-The power of the conch useless
"'Conch! Conch!' shouted Jack, 'we don't need the conch anymore...'" (pg. 111)

1. At the beginning of the chapter, what do Ralph and Simon carry back to the shelter before they go to sleep?
A. a littlun
B. the conch
C. the leftovers from the pig roast
D. a burning branch from the fire

2. As the boys sleep, what is going on in the sky above the island?
A. smoke from a volcano is building up
B. storm clouds are rolling in
C. airplanes are fighting a fierce battle
D. a lunar eclipse is taking place

3. Why don't any of the boys notice the event in the sky?
A. Samneric were supposed to be on watch but fell asleep
B. all of the boys were asleep
C. the boys were too busy eating the pig
D. both b and c
E. both a and b

4. During the night, what drifts down from the sky?
A. snow
B. a dead pilot in a parachute
C. ash from the volcano
D. rain

5. What make a flapping noise at night when the wind blows?
A. the palm fronds, heavy from the rain
B. the flag that Jack has lifted on his castle
C. a parachute from the dead pilot
D. a large seagull's wings.
6. What casts fearful shadows on the ground below?
A. the dead pilot, as the wind rocks him back and forth
B. the seagull in the top of the tree
C. the lunar eclipse
D. Jack's flag

7. What do Samneric see as they wake up and build up the fire?
A. the light flickering on and off of the dead pilot
B. the shadow of the seagull spreading his wings
C. the skull and crossbones on Jack's flag
D. the volcano erupting

8. What do Samneric mistake this object for?
A. the beast
B. a great dinosaur like bird
C. a ghost
D. a giant

9. When Ralph calls for a meeting, what do Samneric tell the others?
A. they heard a beastie howling
B. the beastie chased and attacked them
C. they found a dead pilot
D. the volcano was going to blow

10. How do the boys respond to this?
A. they rush to hide in the cave
B. they organize an expedition to search the island for monsters
C. they have a funeral for the pilot and bury him
D. they climb the volcano and sacrifice a littlun to it so it won't erupt
11. Who remains behind when the boys leave?
A. Piggy
B. the littluns
C. Ralph
D. all of the above
E. a and c only

12. What do the boys who leave take with them?
A. a littlun for a sacrifice
B. sharpened wooden spears
C. the head of a pig
D. a torch

13. Who leads the search for the beast?
A. Jack
B. Ralph
C. Simon
D. Piggy

14. Which of the following describes a part of the island that the boys have never before explored?
A. a thin walkway that leads to a hill dotted with small caves
B. a large expanse of desert and sand
C. a deep, dark swamp
D. a field, filled with flowers

15. Who is the only one to explore this bit of land?
A. Jack
B. Ralph
C. Simon
D. Piggy
16. For the person who continues to explore, what change occurs as he goes at it on his own?
A. he becomes afraid and realizes his dependence upon the group
B. he becomes more confident and brave
C. he realizes that he is about to die
D. he begins to cry and go into hysterics

17. Who joins Ralph in the cave?
A. Jack
B. Simon
C. Piggy
D. Samneric

18. What happens between the two of them in the cave?
A. they begin to feel the old bond between them rekindle
B. they learn about the fear each of them carries within
C. Ralph is reminded of who his first friend was
D. Ralph chases the boys away

19. As time goes by, the boys on the expedition begin to get sidetracked and start doing what?
A. sleeping
B. playing games and pushing rocks into the ocean
C. fighting
D. hunting

20. When Ralph scolds them, what do the boys do?
A. they wake and jump up at attention
B. they grumble, but get back to the task
C. they quit fighting and make up
D. they continue hunting
21. What does the sighting of the "Beast" do to Ralph's authority?
A. it shifts more attention to Jack's leadership
B. it decreases Ralph's emphasis on civilization
C. it increases the boys' savage nature
D. all of the above

22. When the reader desires for good things to happen to Ralph, but sees the island giving the advantage to Jack, what does this create in the reader?
A. understanding
B. tension
C. hope
D. compassion

23. This is considered a good thing because it forces the reader to do what?
A. learn
B. get involved in the novel
C. project and think ahead
D. all of the above

24. In this chapter, what theme is an extension of the boys struggle with the conflict between civilization and savagery on the island?
A. the broader conflict of World War
B. fire and sacrifice
C. hope and rejoicing
D. civilization and savagery
Vamcydher Kilari
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