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Trisha Hamid

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Guatemala

The Republic of Guatemala History
Demographics and Culture Geography economic and political environment today Drago Supply Company Guatemala has a population of 13.2 million people - the most heavily populated country in Central America. Most people live in Guatemala City. Guatemalans follow most traditions of Latin American culture.
Roman Catholic
Spanish Speaking
Strong Family Values and Business Relationships Guatemala treasures its rich indigenous heritage. It has retained the largest native population of all of the Central American countries, predominantly of Mayan descent. Guatemala recognizes over 20 official languages! Originally inhabited by the Mayans, Guatemala was a Spanish Colony until 1821. Thereafter it was ruled by a series of dictators. Decades of economic and social turmoil resulted in guerrilla warfare starting in the mid 1950's. In 1985 a new constitution was drafted creating the democratic Republic of Guatemala. In 1996 Peace Accords were signed that ended the devestating 36 year war. Since the signing of the Peace Accords Guatemala has made strong efforts to improve its social and economic standing. Since the signing of the Peace Accords Guatemala has become a member of the WTO as well as a number of free trade agreements-most notably CAFTA, DR-CAFTA, and the Central American Common Market. Guatemala strongly encourages foreign direct investment and inernational trade, offering protections and tax breaks to companies that bring business into the country. With the increase in trade as well as assistance from international organizations, Guatemala has started to imporve its infrastructure and education system. Industrial construction supply distributor with headquarters in Port Aurther, TX and an office in Nuevo Leon. Drago will open a direct sales office in Guatemala City and use trade wshows as well as direct marketing to market products to U.S. and local builders bidding on government projects. Guatemala imports most of its industrial supplies, and imposes 0% tarriffs. In the beginning months of 2010 alone, the Guatemalan government posted almost 100 bids for infrastructure improvement projects. Because these projects are relatively recent, Drago hopes to gain a sizable market share. The northernmost of the Central American nations, Guatemala is the size of Tennessee The country consists of three main regions—the cool highlands with the heaviest population, the tropical area along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and the tropical jungle in the northern lowlands (known as the Petén).
Aside from petroleum, Guatemala is a large exporter of coffee, fruit, sugarcane and flowers.
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