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Garrett White

No description

Garrett White

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of Garrett White

Lesson 05.02 Assignment: Teen Crashes and Collisions
Garrett White
The use of cell phones is one of the major causes to crashes in the United Sates for teens. A lot of teens don't see the danger behind using their phones while driving and think nothing is going to happen to them until it does. People today need to be more aware of the harm of cell phones and the true damage they can do. Even if you only look at your phone for a split second, you can still cause a lot of damage. For example, getting into a collision with another driver or even killing someone or yourself.
Having a license is a privilege that shouldn't be taken for granted and yet people still do. Having your friends in your car can create a distraction which can cause a teen to get into an accident. Most teens try to show off to their friends as stated in the drivers ed platform which can lead to a collision. It isn't a good idea to show off, be a safe driver and keep your eyes on the road. It is important that new drivers know the simple mistakes that can cause horrible events to take place. People need to be more aware of their surroundings rather than their cellphone or friends.
Cellphones and Friends
AT&T is taking big steps toward ending texting a driving. The company started a program called "It Can Wait" which tells teens and adults to stay off their phones when driving and pay attention to the road. They have also launched a DriverMode app which keeps all text messages and calls quiet. The app can detect if you're going 15 MPH or faster and puts your phone on silent until you reach your destination safely.
How can this problem be solved?
Why do Teen Crashes and Collisions happen so often?
Quite a few teens get into accidents for being on their phones. This action cause around 11 teen deaths a day! Teens and adults around the world need to understand the danger phones can cause.
What can be done to stop texting and driving and other issues?
I believe that students should be required to take a class of drivers safety to prevent crashes and collisions. If we were to establish a class in schools, I believe that the risk of accidents would lessen greatly and make our roads safer.
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