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Senior Presentation

No description

Justilynn Van Wyk

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Senior Presentation

Basketball Stats
3 years
Thanks for Listening!
Justilynn Van Wyk
Career Development
Community Service
Volunteer at 4-H Day Camp
Back-Up Plan
If I am unable to find a job in Republic, I plan on moving to Wenatchee where I have family. There is a larger job market there, giving me a better chance of finding a job.
Academic Development
Chose to take Running Start so I would be better prepared for my chosen career field.
Courses I took and will take while in Running Start:
Business Math With Calculators
Intro to Office
Business Law
Intro to Business
Accounting 1 & 2
Payroll Accounting
Excel 1, 2, & 3
Business Math
This will give me a total of 54 college credits when I graduate from High School.
Current GPA: 4.0
I have always enjoyed science so I took Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry 1 & 2.
Academic Achievements include
Honor Roll
all 4 years of high school,
college Honor Roll
fall & winter quarter, and entrance into
National Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa
, a Community College Honor Society.
Thanks for Coming.
Strengths and Weaknesses.
Position in the clerical field. This would include a receptionist, bookkeeper, or other office personnel.
Complete General Business Degree and Accounting Certificate through Community Colleges of Spokane.
Will do so here at our local Institute for Extended Learning.
Personal and Social Development
My Influence:
People-oriented and enjoy the fundamentals of both the business and accounting world. Would find joy and feel satisfied with a job in this field.
Dream position would be at a veterinarian office.
Plan for next year:
Pay for the remainder of college with scholarships and financial aid.
Live with my parents until I complete my degree, allowing me to cut out rent costs.
Plan on getting a part-time or full-time job here locally.
Football Stats
2 years
1 year
Pep Band
2 years
My Interest
Enjoy taking stats
Related to profession
Why Beneficial?
My Interest
Enjoy taking stats
Related to profession
Why Beneficial?
My Interest
Involvement in
the Community
Why Beneficial?
Learn to Give Back Willingly
My Interest
Playing Music
Team Work
Why Beneficial?
Learn to Work as a Team
2 years

Projects Participated in:
Meat Sheep
Wool Sheep
Recycled Clothes
Performing Arts (Singing)
Shooting Sports
I also entered 50 items into the exhibit hall.
They ranged from baked goods to recycled
tire planters and photography. Entering this
many items took a large amount of work and time but I enjoyed every second of it. Once it was all said and done, I received
10 grand
champion ribbons,
7 reserve
champion ribbons, and
3 plaques
Why Merited?
Hard Work
Volunteer at CATS After School Program
Service Activities Through NHS
Lessons Learned
Giving is indeed better than receiving. I had many experiences throughout my volunteer hours that gave me great joy.
You can make a real difference in
someone else's life for the better.
Best Works
In the beginning of NAV, my goal was to become a veterinarian because of my love for animals. However, in order to become a vet, you have to go to college for 6-8 years. I did not want to go to college at all before I discovered Running Start so becoming a vet was not the best option for me. I also discovered I am unable to deal with all the situations a vet must contend with. As I soon turned to a more office related career, I discovered I could possibly have the best of both worlds if I was able to find a job at an Animal Clinic.
Description of Duties
Helped set up camp
Helped run the performing arts
station, allowing me the opportunity
to supervise children and assist
with organizing activities
Total number of hours= 31.25
Description of Duties
Help supervise children
Tutor children, mainly grades K-2 with a focus on math and spelling
Assist with a variety of activities including art, P.E., board games, and cooking.
Total number of hours= 23
This included trips to the Assisted Living
center where we entertained the residents
with different activities including bingo.
I also had the opportunity to volunteer as
a judge for the Republic School Spelling Bee
and help with the Ferry County Spelling Bee.
Total number of hours= 8
People Skills
Public Speaking
Paper from Freshman English

Felt accomplished to receive an A.
Paper from Senior English

Said it was smooth and college-like
Test Scores
from Accounting 201 & 202
Extremely proud of maintaining my 4.0 GPA
Senior English
Freshman English
What is the purpose of this presentation?
Explain what I have accomplished in high school
Explain what I plan to do after high school
How I am going to get there
In conclusion...
My time at Republic High School has provided me with ample opportunities to prepare me for the future.
I have learned a lot and have made memories that will last forever. I have also had a lot of fun in the process and am excited to move on to the next phase in my life.
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