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Visualisation Tools Comparison

No description

Sakkie Young

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Visualisation Tools Comparison

Visualization Tool Comparison

Visualization Tools
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Controllability &Visualization
2. 2D and 3D chart on 3D map
1. Able to plot large variety of chart/graph. (All Excel plots)
Data Supportability
Mark: 2
2. Data need to be transferred into xlsx.
1.It doesn't support polygon or path ( based on point).
User-Interface & Speed
Mark: 3
1. Very limited interaction allowed. (e.g. filter issue)
Controllability &Visualization
Mark: 3
2. It cannot display the chart on the map,
1. Too few chart options, just 8 types.
2. Large data set reduce the speed significantly
3. Only Bing Map is allowed.
Design Complexity
Mark :4
1. No complixed programming required, except some KML code for point, path and polygon.
User-Interface & Speed
Mark: 3
2. Since data have to be cloud based the speed is dependent on data size.
1. No interact between map and charts, user have to edit it at backstage.
Controllability &Visualization
Mark: 5
2. Can be viewed on PC, iPad and Android Tablet.
1. Large variety of chart/graph
3. Multiple chart or map on a same dashboard.
Data Supportability
Mark: 5
2. It support multiple Map type.
1. It almost support any database.
3. Unison's database can be loaded into Tableau directly then generate polygon without any change for it.
User-Interface & Speed
Mark: 4
1. User can interact with visualization timely on dashboard.
2. Tableau allows developer build relationship between different tables on a dashboard.
3. When load huge dataset, the speed is not very slow.
Mark: 2
1. Professional Edition $1999 (one off) + 400 yearly maintenance fee.
Microsoft Geoflow
Google Fusion table
Average 3.8
2. But free for viewing
Average 3.6
Average 4.2
Google Fusion Tables
MS Geoflow
Which one do you think will be more suitable?
MS Geoflow
Google Fusion Tables
Planner's time

Speed up the process
When busy
-work overtime
-punished analysis
Boarder the consideration base

Planning + Reliability + Asset
Scenario - New industory load request
Knowledge sharing

- Consistency
- Cross level - Technical and manager
- Fast and accurate
Need for processing large amout of data
Need for value extraction from data
Data visualization
There's data visualization and then there's "advanced" data visualization, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference based on press releases and marketing brochures.
First step - pick a software
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