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Raspberry Pi and Home Automation

No description

on 13 July 2018

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Transcript of Raspberry Pi and Home Automation

Raspberry Pi and Home Automation
What If Your Home...
...send you a notification if someone is home?

...you play media on your entertainment system and your lights set the mood?

...create your own security system?

...helps you have a beautiful garden?

...could track your house from anywhere?
You Now Can With Home Assistant!
Home Assistant runs on Python 3
Mobile Friendly and Web Based
Controls all your devices
No data in "the cloud"
Of the utmost privacy
A Little More About Me!
- Currently pursuing a Computer Science Degree at West Virginia State University
- From Charleston, WV
- Loved Raspberry Pi since it launched in 2012
- Favorite board is the Raspberry Pi 3
- Programs in Python, Objective C/C++, Java, HTML/CSS, and Javascript.
My DIY Projects involving Home Assistant!
What Can Home Assistant Support?
...find your keys or wallet through your voice assistant?

…had a button to change the mood?

...open your garage door when a camera sees your license plate?

...track your fitness?

...assists you in feeding your pet?
Media Players
Voice Assistants
Do It Yourself!
For Messaging other Raspberry Pi's with homemade IoT devices
For any web-based
IoT Sensoring
To make your own cloud for storage
To communicate details
about prints
Project Lighthouse
(WiFi MQTT Sensor Node)
Raspberry Pi Zero W Sensor Node
(MQTT Based, Home Assistant Sync'd)
Smart Home Enabled
Entertainment Center
Smart Scale with IFTTT Syncability
Blinds Controller
NeoPixel Strip and Circle Controller
Controllable and Sensored
(MQTT / Home Assistant)
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