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Samantha Allsopp


Samantha Allsopp

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Samantha Allsopp

Picnics by rivers. B Samantha Repetition Roni Horn Clockwork Jewellery Mechanisms Vintage watches History of use Tudor Unicorn Battered & shabby Red Glitter Costume Kylie Minogue Ptrick Wolf Royal processions Religious costume Feather hats Alexander McQueen Jil Sander Spain COLOUR Blossom trees. Exploration Baguettes Pathways & buildings Cuenca Hanging houses Shabby Middle of nowhere River Madrid Parks Fountains Lovely people boats Sangria Ica cream & sunshine Glass elevator Valencia Beautiful Dresses Getting lost in the Industrial areas. Posers Huge beach Beautiful weather. Fruit juice & cheese baguettes. ARCHITECTURE Santiago Calvatava
Felix Candela Frank Gehry Eileen Gray Treehouses. Windows Circular windows "Grand Designs" Home Decoration Wallpaper Surface pattern design Mugs Glass bottles Plates & bowls Special occasion china Photography Nostalgic Repetition Narrative Grainy Sophie Calle Birds Bluebirds My oh my what a wonderful day Flight Aviation Pilots & airhostesses Flowers Roses Blossoms Perfume Chamomile turf Perfume bottles history of perfume FILM musicals "Tropical Malady"
- Apitchatpong Weerasethakul "Tokyo Story"
- Yasurijiro Ozo GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR Nostalgia - Relationships between people Focus on mundane Repetition Important events referred to but not shown Trains Rivers Clocks Time goes on Time more precious than money Wes Anderson Michel Gondry Furniture Mooi Mooi Eileen Gray Jewellery Handmade Crystals Charms Found bits Clockwork Excessive Letters Postcards Envolopes Envolope collages ww2 History Food & stockings Rationing Russia Language Food Photography tastespotting.com Regional food Stuffed cabbage Beef borscht Typography Hand drawn Vintage
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