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UTB Recruitment Presentation

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Anderson Marketing Group

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of UTB Recruitment Presentation

The only university in Texas with a Veterans Upward Bound Program
Nationally-ranked chess teams
Accredited by the top national and international accrediting agencies
We engage in research focused on regional health, educational and environmental issues with almost $6 million to support these initiatives. Volleyball team is the 2011 NAIA champion.
Study abroad opportunities to Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia
Top 25 institutions graduating Latinos.
The only Texas institution that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Translation, a Master of Arts in Spanish Translation
One of two institutions in the nation that offers a master in translation and interpreting degrees taught 100 percent online. UTB has been a member of The University of Texas System since 1991
UTB offers pathways to transition to UT System medical schools, law schools and dental schools
UTB has one of the lowest tuition rates within the UT System UTB offer’s 64 bachelor’s degrees, 26 master’s
options and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction UTB ranks number 20 nationally in the number of bachelor’s degrees and 47 in master’s degrees awarded to hispanics UTB has 100 percent online programs, including seven master’s, nine bachelor’s and three graduate certificates UTB has an internationally-recognized music program, with the same accreditation as the Julliard School of Music Examples of available majors: Examples of available majors: Communication
Criminal Justice
Public Service
Sociology Arecibo Remote Command Center Examples of available majors: Biology
Computer Science
Engineering Physics (Bioengineering, Computer,Electrical, Mechanical)
Environmental Sciences
Mathematics Examples of available majors: Biomedicine
Health Services Technology UTB's biomedical research includes diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and obesity. 4 classrooms
12 laboratories
3 technology labs
8 faculty research facilities
12 science research facilities
outreach space New Biomedical Research
and Health Professions Building Examples of available majors: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing Through a partnership with the University of Health Science Center in Houston, School of Nursing, the College of Nursing also provides the opportunity to obtain a Ph.D. in Nursing or a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Examples of available majors: Accounting
International Business
Marketing Engage in many Brownsville-based projects such as helping Brownsville Farmers Market complete economic impact studies. Examples of available majors: Bilingual Education
Early Childhood
Health and Human Performance
Secondary Education
Special Education Biomedical research topics include diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and obesity 4 classrooms
12 laboratories
3 technology labs
8 faculty research facilities
12 science research facilities
outreach space Biomedical Research
and Health Professions Building UTB education graduates have an 85% pass rate for the state educators exam. Centers of Excellence Biomedical Studies
Border and Transnational Studies
Civic Engagement
Educational Development and Innovation
Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Sustainable Communities
Teaching and Learning
Public Service
Field Station Program Preparatory Programs Early Medical School Acceptance Program
EMSAP - (UTMB-Galveston)
Joint Admission Medical Program
JAMP - (UT System)
3+4 Dental Early Acceptance Program
DEAP - (UT-Houston)
Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Law Field-Based Learning and Internships Hands-on experience Student Life 70 student organizations
Service learning
Athletic and intramural sports program
Soccer, Volleyball, Golf
Student events and activities Residential Life Luxury apartment living
Superb facilities
Safe, secure environment
Short walk to campus Casa Bella student housing is the ideal place to study, grow and make new friends Apply Today Apply at UTB.EDU or APPLYTEXAS.ORG

No application fee for students who apply early

$15 late application fee Required Documents Submit official high school transcripts
Final official transcripts with graduation date Residency documents for tuition purposes Examples:
Voter registration
Bank statements
Employer statement with dates of employment Residency Students who are in the process of or intent to apply for U.S. Residency may be eligible to pay in-state tuition rates, under Senate Bill 1528.

Complete an affidavit of residency.

Students should contact the Office of Admissions and Recruiting for more information.

Complete financial aid forms to determine financial-need and eligibility for state-aid as soon as possible after January 1. Testing All students must comply with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Incoming freshmen not exempt for TSI must take a state-approved assessment exam such as the COMPASS/e-Write exam

Check with the Office of Testing at 956-882-8875 Exemptions and Waivers ACT — Score of 23 with a 19 on english/math

SAT — Score of 1070 minimum of 500 on critical reading/math

TAKS — 2200 in math and/or 2200 with a writing sub-score of at least 3 in english/language arts

Waivers — Level One certificates Admissions — 2013 Eligible to enroll in college-level courses

Pursuing a bachelor's degree

Graduated under the recommended or distinguished curriculum or satisfied SAT or ACT Benchmarks

SAT or ACT will be required

Proof of immunization compliance Orientation Sign up online at utb.edu Two-day event
June - August
Academic advising
Review degree plans
Declare a major
Register for classes
$50 orientation fee
Parents are welcome Online Resources 24/7 access to information
Available at utb.edu
Registration for classes
View financial aid awards
My documents link
Add/drop classes
View account summary
View grades
Make payments Financial Aid Financial aid are funds provided to
students to help pay for higher education expenses Apply for the FAFSA by the priority deadline March 1 Types of Financial Aid Grants: Money based on need

Scholarships: Money based on talent and merit

Loans: Money that must be paid back

Work-study: Money earned from a part-time job on or off campus How to apply for Federal Aid Step 1: Apply for PIN — pin.ed.gov

Step 2: Apply for FAFSA — fafsa.ed.gov UTB SCHOOL CODE: 030646 Scholarships UTB general scholarships
Administered by the UTB Office of Financial Aid
Institutional scholarships
Administered by UTB schools, colleges, departments and campus organizations
State scholarships
Administered by the state (Top 10 percent Scholarship)
Private scholarships
Administered by private agencies, organizations and individual donors (Gates Millennium, Coca-Cola, VAMOS, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, etc.) General Scholarships Apply online starting in January. utb.edu/scholarships Deadline is March 1. 995 scholarships have been awarded to students since UTB's establishment Scholarship Resources Fresch! Free Scholarship Search — freschinfo.com
Fast Web — fastweb.com
Hispanic Scholarship Fund — hsf.net
College Net — collegenet.com
College Board — collegeboard.com/pay Visit Campus Visits can be a half hour to a half day
Learn about programs of study
Speak with an Academic Advisor
Details on enrollment requirements
Meet staff
Apply for financial aid
Sit in on a class We'll change your life. UTB. EDU Office of Admissions and Recruiting
Tandy Hall Room 115 | 956-UTB-4YOU UTB4U.COM A fully online, bachelor’s degree completion program for individuals who have already completed their core credit hours
UTB offers a flexible degree in Multidisciplinary Studies that offers a variety of concentrations
Select course work easily from partner institutions Call to schedule a visit Marine Biology
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