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Mr. Remington Quiz

No description

Mike Remington

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Mr. Remington Quiz

How well do you know Mr. Remington? Answer each of the following questions on a sheet of paper.
Mr. Remington has taught in Lakeville for:
A. 2 years
B. 6 years
C. 12 years
D. 14 years
True or False:

Mr. Remington has met President Gerald Ford.
Mr. Remington graduated high school from:
A. Lakeville HS
B. Jefferson HS
C. Eden Prairie HS
D. Hayfield-Wannamingo-Evelyn-Olivia-Denfield HS
True or False
Mr. Remington fishes on a semi-pro bass circuit June-August.

Mr. Remington graduated college from:
A. Harvard
B. St. Olaf College
C. Carleton College
D. The U of M
Mr. Remington’s 4th grade daughter and 5th grade son's names are:
A. Cookie and Hubert
B. Addison and Tyler
C. Michaela and Michael
D. Emma and Carson
True or False:Mr. Remington is friends with someone who has hit 600 major league home runs.
Mr. Remington’s seven-year old son’s name is:
A. Michael
B. Tyler
C. Cookie
D. Carson
True or False

Mr. Remington once did weather and traffic on KFAN.
True or False

Mr. Remington plays the harp at various Minneapolis coffee shops on the weekend.
Mr. Remington’s dog’s name is:
A. Princess
B. Harold
C. Buster
D) Dexter
True or False:Mr. Remington has met the Backstreet Boys.
True or False:Mr. Remington is distant (second) cousins with Lady Gaga.
True or False: Mr. Remington is on a first-name basis with Shania Twain.
Mr. Remington’s sense of humor is best described as:
A. Hit or miss
B. Funny about half the time
C. Side-aching hilarious
D. Mind-numbing--I actually feel a little bad for him right now
Mr. Remington's two-year-old daughter's name is:
a. Dorothy
b. Rain
c. Teegan
d. Reese
What college did Mr. burk graduate from?

Saint Cloud State
University of St. Thomas
University of Minnesota
Arizona State University
Mankato State University
Chino Valley, Arizona
True or False: Mr. Remington appears at the :24 mark in this YouTube clip.
The Remington Family added another kiddo to
the family last September...and his name is:

A. Carson II
B. Mike
C. Benjamin
D. Cooper
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