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Naming 6B

No description

Melanie Barron

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Naming 6B

Naming 6B
Naming 6B
Maple Park's mascot is the Viking, a warrior group during the middle ages. They were fierce, brave, strong and powerful.

What is another "Warrior" group in history that would describe us as learners, students and as 6B.

Get out a Green textbook and flip through the pages. These are all of the "Warrior" groups we will talk about this school year.
You have been assigned the task to give 6B a NEW and improved name. Today we will brain storm ideas and vote as a class on our number one choice. Then tomorrow we will vote again from the top 4 ideas.
When you find an idea... write it on a post it and make a pile in the middle of your tables
Share your ideas with the people at your table... try and narrow it down to just one or two ideas to share with the class...
Mrs. Barron will write all of the ideas on the board... one person from the group who suggested it, will come up and explain why it would be a good name to represent us as team 6B
Tomorrow we will vote again from the top 4 names and by Tuesday we will have a new 6B name!

Good luck, 6B. May the force be with you
And the winner is.....

The Spartans !!!!
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