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Architectural Design & Modeling: Career Comparison Assignment

Michael Zaruma

on 21 May 2013

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STAGE LIGHT DESIGNERS What do they do? Education Requirements School/Colleges that know the major ? Salary Information Personal Characteristics Job Locations Es DEVLIN A lighting designer sets up and manipulates lighting to set the mood and create a wide range of illusions that contribute to the success of stage, film and television productions. Lighting designers need: an understanding of design principles and elements, and three-dimensional space.
in-depth knowledge of conventional and moving lighting equipment and accessories, and lighting control equipment
practical experience in technical theater
math and drafting skills
basic understanding of electricity
computer skills (especially computer aided design and drafting). The University of Alberta in Edmonton offers a four year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program in Technical Theatre. The entrance requirement is a competitive average in English Language Arts 30-1 and four of the following: Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Pure Math 30, Math 31, Physics 30, Social 30, Science 30, a 30 level language other than English, fine arts subject (only one fine arts subject may be presented for admission). A letter of intent, a resumé, three letters of reference and an interview also are required. creativity and artistic vision
good spatial perception
no fear of heights
the communication and interpersonal skills required to work effectively with others and market their ideas or services.
They should enjoy synthesizing information about diverse requirements, experimenting and finding innovative solutions to problems, doing precise work with tools and equipment, and supervising the work of others. theatre companies
opera and dance companies
corporate, trade and fashion shows
television studios
film production companies. Es Devlin is an award-winning international stage and costume designer. Her work crosses a range of genres: opera, dance, film, theater, T.V. and concerts. She also works as creative director for number of pop / rock / rap artists. Because this field is so specialized, lighting designers need related post-secondary education. A bachelor's degree or master's degree in fine art with a specialization in theatre design is recommended. According to the 2011 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans in the Theater, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers occupational group earned on average from... Most lighting designers are hired on contract for particular productions. Fees vary considerably depending on the production and the designer's reputation. $15.18 to $20.53 an hour. The mean wage for this group was $17.93 an hour.

The average salary for a lighting designer is $62,000- $73,000 as of 2011. Lighting designers are part of the larger National Occupational Classification 5243: Theater, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers. In Alberta, 89 per cent of people employed in this classification work in the following industries:
Retail Trade
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Information, Culture and Recreation. The University of Lethbridge offers a four year BFA degree program in Dramatic Arts with a technical/design major. The entrance requirement is a competitive average in English Language Arts 30-1, three other appropriate 30 level subjects and a fifth Grade 12 subject. Additional Information Related High School Subjects English Language Arts; Fine Arts (Drama); Mathematics; Media, Design and Communication Arts (Design Studies); and Science (Physics)

Related Post-Secondary Field of Study Communications; and Fine Arts and Performing Arts They use lighting treatments to make the combined vision of the writer, director and producer a reality. They generally can create any lighting situation required through skilled manipulation and innovative illumination techniques.
Lighting designers design and plan lighting effects for theater, dance, opera, music concerts, television, video and film productions. `` MICHAEL ZARUMA Amherst College
Western Massachusetts MFA: The Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design is a graduate program offering students further professional knowledge and tools in lighting design for the theater stage. BFA: The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Lighting Design is an undergraduate program offering students professional training in lighting design for theater. In addition to practical applications in school productions, students learn text analysis, design, and technical knowledge such as the use of computer-based systems. WATCH THE THRONE KANYE WEST JAY-Z
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