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Media and Society Project

Applebee's project

Michael Schumann

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Media and Society Project

Applebee's: corruption in the food industry False Advertising Health Concerns Food Quality Applebee's commercials falsely
advertise different varieties of food that they have. In Applebee's commercials, they
show their food being grilled and
cooked. But really it's just thrown
in a microwave. In another Applebee's commercial,
they advertised three different
varieties of steak that they grill.
If you order these steaks at an Applebee's
they most likely will have just been nuked
in a microwave. Applebee's claims that
their food is fresh. A few
weeks ago I went with some
friends and ordered a dessert.
It gave me food poisoning for
four days.
Applebee's is incredibly
unhealthy For example, Weight Watchers
has its own Applebee's dietary menu. The Weight Watchers
menu has several healthy meals
for Applebee's food. However,
the meals aren't necessarily cooked
the way they claim to be. For example, a 300 pound person
is only allowed 30 points a day.
Buffalo Chicken Wings
with Bleu Cheese Dressing
from Applebee's are 45 points. As mentioned before,
Applebee's food quality is
very poor. Contrary to what many
may think, Applebee's gourmet dishes are no better than left overs out of the microwave. A friend of mine that works at Applebee's admitted that their food is pre-made when they receive it and that it is heated up in a microwave, as opposed to it being cooked the way the commercials claim it to be. I dislike Applebee's
approach at advertising,
however, I feel that it is
effective and that it works.
Applebee's is clearly very
successful, hence showing
that their advertising
technics achieve their goals
of attracting customers through
tempting commercials.
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