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CBPA Zoo Mug

No description

Matthew Kimmel

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of CBPA Zoo Mug

CBPA: Coil Mug
This is a test.
This is an elephant.
What You Need to Know:
Use at least two
forming methods
such as pinching,
coiling, extruding,
slab building, throwing.
Zoo animals and zoo environments.
You must show two levels of sculptural relief.
One must be going in, at least one must stick out.
How many different kinds of animals are in zoos around the world?
Relief is defined as an image
that protrudes or goes into
the surface of a work of art.
Your finished product must work well as a mug.
The mug must be standard size: 4"x6"
The lip must be comfortable for the user's lips.
The wall thickness must be proportional to the height.
It cannot have holes, you know, because mugs hold liquid.
The handle must be comfortable to hold and be proportional.
Demonstrate two different textures.
This is the challenge.
A local zoo is accepting proposals for a novelty mug promoting the zoo. The zoo desires that these mugs be fun, functional, and decorative. The zoo has asked high school art students to submit an actual prototype for the mugs which contain a functional handle, at least two levels of sculptural relief and two or more decorative textures.

The zoo requests that each artist also submit a detailed planning pencil sketch for the mug prototype. the theme of your mug design must represent zoo animals and environments without the use of words or typography.
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