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The Nature of STEM for STEMteachersPHX

Does the typical science course truly reflect the nature of scientific and mathematical practice?

Kelli Warble

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of The Nature of STEM for STEMteachersPHX

The Nature of STEM
vs. the Nature of STEM Education
Saturday, Jan 30th, 2016
HS Teacher
Mathematics & Physics
16 years Title I schools
2 years public charter ASA
4th year as TiR
About Me
Modeling Instruction
Sample Lesson
objectionable answer to the majority of the community."
"Within the framework of a scientific
, observations can be interpreted in
much more far-reaching
ways than are possible without a theory."
Robert Karplus
UC Berkeley Physics
Introductory Physics:
A Model Approach
Alternate Discussion:
1. What is science?
2. What is reality?
3. Is science reality?
Kelli Gamez Warble
Trained as pre-service teacher
Workshop leader since 1997
Development team leader for Middle School Modeling
Discussing the NOS:
Why discuss the Nature of STEM in STEM
Legislating STEM
Indiana 1897
vote 67-0
"God created the world within the last 10,000 years."
Kansas 1999
6-4 vote
Public: 50% agree
"Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago."
Kansas 1999
Public: 80% agree
The Game of Science
Record your (individual) observations/questions.
Record observations shared by your nearest colleagues.
Record observations shared by the worldwide community.
Discussion Points
How did the mystery cube activity reflect (or not) how STEM is practiced by researchers?
Which of the
Engineering & Science Practices
listed in the NGSS were used as part of the mystery cube activity? Which of the
Mathematical Practices
from Common Core?
Is it possible (or desirable) to teach the Nature of science or math without teaching a particular science or math content area? Is it possible to teach content without using NOS practices?
Dwain Desbien

Issues in Science and Technology, Summer 2009
Montana 2012
What are the rules of the game?
Representative Clayton Fiscus
March 2015
Know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world
Generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations
Understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge
Participate productively in scientific practices and discourse
"...Yet what is taught in most schools today, from kindergarten through introductory college classes, focuses almost exclusively on only a portion of the first strand: teaching students to
scientific explanations of the natural world."
Bruce Alberts
UC San Francisco
"State Department of Environmental Protection officials have been ordered not to use the term
climate change

global warming
in any official communications, emails, or reports."
Ms. Stone's 8th grade class
Chicago, IL 2015
STEM education should NOT be distinct from the practice of doing STEM.
Our classrooms should reflect the collaborative nature of the scientific community.
4 strands of science learning:
All 4 strands are characterized as
Dwain Desbien
Estrella Mountain CC
Model Building
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