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Hitler's First Photograph

No description

Melissa Esperanzate

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Hitler's First Photograph

Hitler's First Photograph
Simile- "Adolf is like a kitten in a basket" Kittens are often seen as innocence and so are babies.

Irony - "Precious little angel" he did not grow up to be angel, Hitler grew the opposite of it.

Metaphor - "A lucky fortune wrapped in rosy paper"

When I look at the title, I assume the poem is all about Hitler's first photograph. But when reading the poem, it is more that just a capture of little Adolf. It talks about Adolf's first appearance to the world and how his mother enjoys to brag how adorable little Adolf is as a child. It describes Adolf Hitler's innocence before growing up and killing millions of people.
The poem, "Hitler's first paragraph" by Wislawa Symborska suggests that no man is born evil.
Personal Example
It is difficult to write a personal example about Hitler knowing what he has done during his dictatorship in Germany during the world war. Before his brutal actions, as a baby he was sweet and innocent just like everyone else. I know that I was also innocent, not knowing anything about the world and my surroundings. I didn't know any cursing words, dirty jokes and other form of bad language. I was only influenced when I went to school and had different friends from different parts of the world. They would teach me their language, so I know a few slangs and cursing words. It sounds awful but I find it amusing and funny. My mind is corrupted by the influence of others.
Hitler's First Photograph
Denotation & Connotation
Precious little Angel
-Denotation: a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe
-Connotation: Talks about Adolf's innocence as a baby.

Denotation and Connotation
Denotation: a stocky seed- or fruit-eating bird with a small head, short legs, and a cooing voice. Doves are generally smaller and more delicate than pigeons, but many kinds have been given both names.

Connotation: A symbol of purity and the holy spirit.

Denotation and Connotation
A history teacher loosens his collar-
Denotation: tightness of the tie
Connotation: Boredom
Hitler ( Baby )

Hello everyone, I'm little Adolf. My mother is the best isn't she? She talks about how I am going to be a good man and be successful in the future. Well I hope so, there's still a lot of time since I am still little and I don't know much of everything yet. In case you didn't know, My family and I will be moving to Germany. I think I will like it. My mom wants me to become a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer, I want to make her proud but I I'm interested in arts. Ever since my mother bought me crayons, I started to get interested in painting and art. It became a part of me like how Germany is growing on me. I like the country, the people, my people. Maybe one day, I'll be a great leader in Germany.
I gave birth to a little baby boy and it's the best thing that ever happened in my life. I look at him and I see his mouth moving, asking for my milk. Every moment that I'm with my "little precious angel," the sun shines bright. I say to my self "he is a lucky fortune" given to me by God. He brings joyful news to me, therefore he will bring happiness to the world as he grows old. I will make my little Adolf turn into a great man as I dream him to be. He will be a star just like those twinkles in his eyes. "Oh, I can't express my love for this little one. These words aren't good enough. I will need to guide him and make him into a gentlemen, guide him so that his future will be good. "You're going to be a good boy, aren't you" (baby talk). I wonder if he's going to be a doctor, lawyer a teacher or study in the fine arts school. All those professions might just make me happy for he will help those people in need, knowing the right or wrong and teach those who need his help. I am hoping he will be a great man.

Being a teacher isn't so bad, its a well respected profession. Students look up to me and I'm glad they do because it is part of my goal. Some students are well behaved and some are just the total opposite. I'd hate so mention names and it would be unprofessional of me to do that but one of my students is being annoying and disruptive to my class in my class. Adolf Hitler, who talks about himself all the time and how one day he wants to rule Germany. Please we all know that is NEVER going to happen.
People of Germany

Look how adorable little Adolf is with the pacifier stuck in his mouth. The cutest German baby ever but his eyes tell me something that isn't right. I sense bitterness, cold hearted and superiority, it's too bad that I feel this way, little Adolf has good features. I hope my radar is wrong. I would feel bad for assuming the worst in this little baby. God bless this child and hoping he will grow up to be a good man and a good leader. "am I right, little Adolf"
I'm sitting on our front porch in Vienna waiting for my mother to come home from work. I gazed up in the sky and emoted like I've lost a million euros.

Mother: What are you doing out here all by yourself in the dark Adolf?
Adolf: [sigh]I have a lot in my mind mother
Mother: [goes over to Adolf] What is it sweetie?
Adolf: [shows mother the letter he had received] This is my problem.
Mother: [opens the letter and reads it] WHAT IS THIS ? I KNEW IT, YOU DID NOT TRY HARD ENOUGH. [yelling]
Adolf: [looks down] I tried mother, don't think this future was meant for me, to be honest, I never really wanted to become a lawyer.
Mother: [opens the front door and slams it hard] That's ENOUGH Adolf, You are a disgrace to this family. Your cousins would've made it to that school.
Adolf: [attitude] Well mother, I'm not like them and besides I applied at an art school, that's what I really want to do, become a painter, an artist.
Mother: That is NONSENSE, talk to me when you're ready to tell me about your real goals in life.
Adolf: [mumbles] I guess we won't be talking for a while
Mother: what was that?

A few weeks had gone by and I still haven't spoken to my mother, I know I'm stubborn but it what I want to do in life.

Adolf: [receives a letter from the mail and excitingly opens it] [mumbles]
Adolf: [disappointed] no..
Adolf: [slaps the letter to his mother's face] Here mother, are you happy now?
Mother: See, this isn't for you either, try applying at another school, I know someone who can help you get in to becoming a lawyer.
Adolf: It's the worth the shot I guess..
Mother:[grins] That's my boy.
Mother: oh and darling, can you please take out the trash tonight?
Adolf: [sarcasm] Sure mother, I'll do anything for you.

[Bag rips]

Adolf: today has got to be THE WORST DAY ever
[picks up trash and sees an envelope]
Adolf: [reads the letter inside the envelope] no way ..
Adolf: [angry] MOTHER !!!!
Mother: what's going on Adolf, why are you yelling, you'll disturb the neighbours
Adolf: What is the meaning of all this? [raises the letter]
Mother: I .. I don't know anything about that ..
Adolf: It says I got accepted at the Fine arts school
Adolf: I'm going mother, I'm leaving you, You're selfish and I will never forgive you.
[Packs bag and leaves]
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