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Organelle Project: Peroxisomes

No description

Cay Bappe

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Organelle Project: Peroxisomes

Peroxisomes Basic Functions of Peroxisomes. Neutralize free radicals
Detoxify alcohol and drugs
Break down fatty acids What Kind of Cells are Peroxisomes Found in? Profuse amount in liver and kidney cells. Also found in plant cells. How Many are Usually in a Cell? Small clusters. More abundant in kidney/liver cells. What would happen if peroxisomes were absent from our bodies? unwanted proteins drugs and alcohol dangerous free radicals (molecules that contain one or more unpaired electron) Cancer
Heart Damage
Weak Immune System
Brain Damage Simple shape and structure. Peroxisomes and lysosomes are similar in many ways. How are they different? Contain different enzymes. Made by different organelles. Where in the cell are they located? Peroxisomes can be found distributed throughout the cell's cytoplasm. The end! The end! What do Peroxisomes produce? H O (Hydrogen Peroxide) 2 2
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