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Waste Management

No description

Matthew Ho

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Waste Management

Khor Jia Xun (32), Jordan Lee Chin Yih ( 31), Matthew Ho Jia Jing (35)
Waste Management
2 Humility
Waste Management In Our Neighbourhood
Ways to reduce land pollution
Reuse materials that have been used instead of throwing it away.
Recycle waste materials so that it can be reused.
Reduce amount of rubbish being thrown away by using only whats necessary.
What happens to our waste?
Personal Understanding
Instructions on how to group
1st Geography lesson of 2014
Date of submission:
Grouping will come useful if you need to move a bunch of things altogether without moving them one by one and trying to get them in the same position.
For example, if you need to move both a circle and an arrow, but you want to keep them in a same position(e.g.arrow below circle), press and hold 'Shift', then press and hold the mouse and drag it across the arrow and circle. A rectangular shape will appear when you do that so you must make sure your rectangle will be big enough to hold both arrow and circle in it.
To ungroup, just click on the thing that you have grouped and click 'Ungroup'.
Tutorial, DONE.
Wastes created throughout Singapore is collected by licensed waste collection companies daily and incinerable waste is sent to the four waste to energy incineration plants
The ashes from the incineration plants and the non incinerable waste , together with contruction and demolition debris are sent to Tuas Marine Transfer Station.
After that,they are transported to Semakau Landfill.
Wastes are poured into the barges at the Tuas Marine Transfer Station and the hatch covers are closed .
Dustbins around the neighborhood so that residents will be able to dispose of waste easily.
then the tugboats push the barges to Semakau Landfill.
When they arrive,they are berthed within a transfer building for the unloading labor, wastes are directly unladed onto the dump trucks or the stockpile areas.
Wheel loaders will scoop up the wastes stock piled and put them onto the dump trucks.Then,they are sent to the tipping cells to dispose the wastes.
After that,the wastes are flatten and compressed by bulldozers and compactors.

How is waste collected and disposed in Singapore?
videos watched:youtube.com/watch?v=jF1UCbS3zVY
its waste, due to lack of land for landfills.
Most high-rise buildings have built-in rubbish chutes that are accessible either in each unit
(usually in the kitchen)
, or on every level
(a shared facility)
Waste is usually collected
once a fortnight
, depending on where you live.
Wastes are sent down through the
rubbish chutes
/thrown into
rubbish bins
, which are then collected in trucks.
Wastes are then sent for
Images used:1)http://www.chilliwack.com/main/page.cfm?id=1830
Waste Management
Thank You for Viewing!
Personal Understanding
Recycling bins around the neighborhood so that residents can help reduce thrash thrown away conveniently.
Waste trucks are sent to all district weekly or monthly to collect the wastes.
image: http://news.xin.msn.com/en/singapore/technology-helps-to-lower-waste—collection-fee-hikes
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