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Foundations of Algebra

Variables and Expressions

Michale Wireman

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Foundations of Algebra

Foundations of Algebra Objective How to represent quantities, patterns, and relationships Relate Properties to Algebra Toolbox Variable: is a symbol, usually a letter, that
represents a number Key Words: Addition Sum...Plus...more than...total...
increased by Ex. 5 + x the sum of 5 and a number x
5 more than a number x
5 increased by a number x Subtraction difference...minus...less than...
decreased by Ex. n - 7 the difference of a number n and 7
7 less than a number n
a number minus n Multiplication product...times...multiplied by...
of Ex. 4 x y or 4y the product of 4 and y
4 times a number y Division Quotient...Divided by Ex. n / 2 the quotient of n and 2
n divided by 2 Expression with two Operations Ex. 3 more than twice a number 3 more than twice a number
3 + 2x
3 +2x Ex. 9 less than the quotient of 6
and a number 6/ x - 9 the product of 4 and
the sum of a number x and 7 4 (x + 7) Algebra1 Classwork:
1-16 all
25-33 all
48-53 all P
S Paranthesis Exponents Multiplication Left to right Left to right Division Addition Subtraction Toolbox simplify: to make smaller usually to a single numerical value Objective 1.2
-simplify expressions with exponents
-use order of ops to evaluate expressions Powers have two parts:
1. base
2. exponent exponents tell how many
times you use the base 2 * 2* 2
Alg. I
pg. 12-13
41-52 Toolbox:
properties- are rules used to
rewrite expressions Objective: Can properties be used to rewrite expressions? http://www.slideshare.net/rfant/properties-of-real-numbers
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