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POP Music

No description

Rani P

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of POP Music

Sources Influences from other Genres: How Pop (Popular)
Music was Created Pop music first started off with sheet music. 1950 was the decade of the first songs to belong to this genre. Pop music charts didn't exist until 1952. Pop music originates from Britain and the United States of America. When and Where Was Pop Music Created http://audials.com/en/genres/pop_music.html (Popular Music) Pop Music http://www.alexandermagazine.com/business/articles/popmusic.htm What is the Purpose
of Pop Music Which Beginning Artists That Developed Pop Music People Who Enjoy Pop Music Typical Instrument Used in Pop Music Typical style for the tempo, rhythm, and the beat of that emotions/feelings created by pop music Artist and Songs Listening Activity By: Rani http://www.shinemusic.com.au/musicresources/history-of-pop-music.aspx Micheal Jackson- Beat It
Maroon 5- One more night
Demi Lovato- Heart Attack
ADELE - Skyfall
Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe
P!nk-Try http://www.apple.com/euro/itunes/charts/top10popsongs.html Daylight By Maroon 5 Album: Overexposed Instrument: Vocals, drum kit, cymbals keyboard, guitar Tempo: Medium, fast.
Rhythm: Soft, peaceful, calm
After listening to this song I feel calm.
I think the band, Maroon 5 is expressing their feelings of someone close to them leaving At first this genre was created for all the different style of music the (popular music, hence the name popular music) but now it is its own genre style.

Pop music was created for entertainment and enjoyment.Pop music is that anyone is able to enjoy it.

In this genre the songs is a way for the artist(s) to express his or her's feeling though a song. Tempo: Rhythm: Emotions/Feelings created: This is the type of genre that everyone is able to enjoy. There are many different songs in this genre. Teenagers were and still are one of the main group that enjoy this kind of music. In the 1950's Pop Music was influenced by Rock and Roll music. In the 1970's Pop music was influenced by Dance and Country Music The Beatles The Beach Boys Elvis Presley Repetitive, catchy, Calm, medium fast and fast Depend on the lyrics of the song and the message of the song. Youtube was used for the songs Pop Music was meant to have a popular appeal on the public. That's why pop music is "popular music" Keyboard Vocals Electric Guitar Drum Kit Bass Guitar http://www.musicwatch.com/pop/ Synthesizer Drum Machine Before the 1950's Pop music was Popular music meaning it would have songs from popular genre and styles (was not a genre, a style of music until 1950's). Listen Activity Tempo,
Message of the song
Kinds of instruments you hear in the song
What emotions do you have after listening to this song? By:Rani 7KB Maroon 5 Demi Lovato P!nk Carly Rae Jepsen Micheal Jackson
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