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Comparing Canada to Mexico

This is a school presentation on Canada and Mexico

Jaskiran Virdy

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Comparing Canada to Mexico

Export Commodities Import Commodities Canada and Mexico By: Harpreet, Jessica, Nishka, Malissa and Jaskiran The official name for Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos ( United Mexican State). Mexico is the fifth largest country in the world and is very dense. The land area is 1,973,000km²! That's 8,012,000km² less than Canada! Mexico's average temperature daily is 26C* - 30C* and in the evening the temperature goes down to 18C*. The population of Mexico is 112,336,538. That is 77,853,759 MORE than Canada! Mexico's main language is Spanish! Currency Mexico's currency is the Mexican Peso.
One mexican peso is 0.08 canadian dollar. The
Mexican peso is the 13 most traded currency
in the world. The bills are printed in
different colors such as pink, blue and
green. Interesting Facts - Mexico Mexican children don't receive gifts on Christmas Day. They receive it on January 6, the day which the mexicans celebrate the arrival of the 3 wise men.

Day of the Dead - Los Dias de Los Muetros
Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and death. It takes place on November 1 and 2. In this day, people honor the spirit of family ancestors. The cemeteries are decorated with fresh flowers and people craft and decorate skulls. Families also set up altars and decorated them, putting food that their dead ones liked.

* National animal - Golden Eagle
* Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chillies to the world
* Chihuahua's are named after a mexican state Type Of Government Currency Canada's currency is the "Canadian Dollar". One canadian dollar is worth 0.98 U.S dollar. The Canadian dollar is the seventh most traded currency in the world! There are a ton of coins and bills in the Canadian Currency. Modes Of Transportation Canada's modes of transportation are:

Rail Canada Mexico Canada is the second largest country in the world. Its land area is 9,985,00km². In the winter, the average temperature is about -25C* and in the summer, its about 35C*. Canada's population is 34,482,779! The main languages Canada speaks is English and French. Export Commodities Type of Government Canada's has an parliamentary type of government with a constitutional monarchy. Parliamentary government is a separation between two branches, legislative and executive. The Legislative Branch The Executive Branch The legislative branch is responsible for enacting laws. The Executive law is responsible for implementing laws. Interesting Facts - Canada . Exporting Commodities Ottawa is our capital city and is the fourth largest city and 14th highest city in Canada. Ottawa alone has the population of 883,391. The name "Ottawa" came from an Algonquin Word "Adawe" meaning "to trade". Our Capital City Importing Commodities Canada Exports:

1. Motor vehicle parts
2. Industrial machinery
3. Aircraft
4. Chemicals
5. Plastic
6. Wood pulp Canada Imports:

1. Machinery and equipment
2. Motor vehicle and parts
3. Crude oil
4. Chemicals
5. Electricity
6. Durable consumer goods Mexico is a
Federal Representative Republic.
This is a type of a government
where the national and state
governments share powers. Mexico's Capital City Thank you for
:) Mexico's capital city is Mexico City. In spanish it is called Ciudad de México. Its population is about 8.84 million and its land area is 1,485 kilometers². Mexico Exports:

1. Oil
2. Silver
3. Fruits/Vegetables
4. Coffee
5. Cotton Import Commodities Mexico imports:

1. Metal working machines
2. Steel Mill products
3. Agriculture machinery
4. Electrical Equipment
5. Car parts Modes of Transportation Air
Road Mexico's modes of
are: Links we used: GC.CA
state.gov Canada has the worlds longest coast line
and contains 9% of the worlds renewable
water supply. Canada's 145th birthday is on
July 1, 2013. Also Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese more than any other
nation on Earth. The oldest person in Canada
was Marie-Louise Meilleur. She
was born in Kamouraska, Quebec
on August 29,1880 and died on
April 16,1998 at age 117.
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