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Gem Shoe Marketing Plan

Marketing plan, marketing the Gem shoe to Glamazons of the nation

natalie DeBattista

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Gem Shoe Marketing Plan

Glamourous Stylish Innovative Modern Vogue Comfortable Unique Luxury The Gem Shoe is about to turn the market on its head with its innovative design transforming an exclusive Heel, into a glamourous flat with the touch of a personalised gem. Fashionistas
In the public eye
Expensive tastes Who are Glamazons? eastern suburbs-one of Australia highest median income earning suburbs
Economic capabilities Environmental Factors: Personal Factors Wealthy families
Trophy wives
High Expectations
Self satisfaction upper class
Social trend
Highly influenced
Peer pressure Societal Factors Self affirming
Satisfaction Psycological Factors Marketing
Social Media
Word of mouth Macro Environment Demographic Location: Eastern suburbs
Age: mid teens- middle age
Gender: female and male
Structure of population- generation X, Generation Y Economic Money availability
Income growth
Spending pattern Technological Environment Rise of Social media
Accessibility Culture Core beliefs- brought up with money
Ethical responisibility
Social responsibilty
Responsible behaviour
^^ ANIMAL CRUELTY The Gem Shoe Product the Gem shoe is a 2 in 1 shoe where in a touch of a button, the shoe tranforms from a heel into a flat and vise versa
features: various ranges and sizes
colour: black, white, nude, coral, turquois, terracotta, lilac, print-leopard, snake, zebra
structure: round and pointed, heel height adjusted
texture: basic leather or suede
Gem: located at the back of the shoe, releasing the heel once pushed
Packaging Price suitable price range
high price, high quality
our popular and basic hand made shoe prices:
- black- $799.99
-white- $799.99
-nude- $799.99
-leopard- $1100.00
prices vary between $799.99 to $1500.00
value changes with the gem of your choice, i.e. emerald, ruby, sapphire location: City Central due to our high price and superior quality we have chosen this area to attract our target market. Also, the exclusiveness of the gem boosts our product image
surround ourselves with other fashion designers to draw attention to our brand. Placement The Gem shoe will be promoted on various social media sites and magazines, which Glamazons are accustom to and use frequently.
A Grand opening party will be held to promote the gem shoe, with a VIP listing to uphold the Exclusive nature of the shoe. this will be accompanied by a runway modeling of the different styles and a demonstration on how practical our shoe is Promotion the needs:
they have high and demanding needs.
their needs consist of designer labels as well as high-end and exclusive products.
one of their greatest needs is keeping up with the latest trends that has been launched into the market.
expensive items is perceived as higher quality, cheaper items is seen as "lower quality" Gem Shoe & Glamazons the gem+ glamazons satisfaction exclusive stylish superior quality
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