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What is the invention?

No description

Lauren MacBroom

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of What is the invention?

Robot Maid
What is it?
I have found a future invention called a 'Robot Maid'.
What does it do?
The Maid robot goes from cleaning your house to making food. It will do almost everything you want it too do. It's will be your own personal slave only better, as it's a robot and you can control it more. You can choose different types and colours of robot's, and if you want you could acctually treat it like a person, giving it a name and personality etc.
Why is it good to have?
The robot maid is good to have as it's like your own personal slave, and it's obviously not human so you won't have to pay it, and it will always be respectful to you,like a friend. You can relax and enjoy your life taking away the stress. You won't have to clean, tidy,or even cook.You can teach the robot different things to make it more obedient and advanced. It will make your life a lot easier and it is a great product and worth the money! As it will last for a long time. It can take care of/look after you.
How does it work?
The robot maid works by a droid now programmed to scan a messy room, identify all items, figure out where they belong and put them back in place. The robot can grasp objects, and but them down again etc .It surveys objects in rooms by using a Microsoft Kinect camera.It is powered by rechargeable batteries. It has a i-pad like screen in the front of it so you can type in what you want it too do and inside it will function and find out the best way to do it etc, this takes around 15 seconds. If you asked it a question you need to know all you do is type it in and it will technologically find out and give you an answer.
Lauren MacBroom 9J
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