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My Portfolio - Kevin Wegienka

No description

Kevin Wegienka

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of My Portfolio - Kevin Wegienka

Kevin Anthony Weijun Wegienka Background

Born in Singapore
Polish/Chinese Descent
Moved to Michigan at age four
Attended Our Lady of Good Counsel
Currently attend Detroit Catholic Central

Courses Freshman Year

Honors English I
Concert/Marching Band
Honors Spanish I
Health/Phys. Ed
Honors Biology
Honors Math I
Hebrew Scripture/Catholic Faith Sophomore Year

Honors Math II
Symphony/Marching Band
Honors Chemistry
Honors Spanish II
Honors English II
New Testament/Church History
AP European History Junior Year

AP Computer Science
Honors Math III
AP English Language /Composition
Morality/Social Justice
AP American History
AP Biology
Honors Spanish III Senior Year

AP BC Calculus
AP Chemistry
Honors Physics
AP English Literature
AP Government
Sacraments/Christian Vocations
AP Spanish
GPA 4.821(Weighted) Test Scores ACT (March 2010)

Composite: 34
English: 35
Math: 35
Reading: 32
Science: 33
Writing: 10 PSAT

Composite: 212
Reading: 64
Math: 75
Writing:73 AP Scores

AP European History: 4
AP Computer Science: 4
AP American History: 4
AP English Language: 3
AP Biology: 3 SAT IIs

Biology (M): 670 (9th Grade)
Chemistry: 680 (10th Grade) Extracurriculars Music
Piano (12 Years)
Marching/ Symphony Band (2 Years) Leadership Captain of JV Tennis Team (2009 Season)
Clarinet Section Leader (Freshman Year) Volunteering
Mission Trip to Guatemala (June 13-21, 2009)
Mission Trip to Kentucky (April 5-10, 2010)
Assistant coaching Quiz Bowl Team at Our Lady of Good Counsel (2007-2008 School Year)
PBJ Ministry through my church
Tutoring through the Brothers' Club (tutoring organization at Catholic Central)
JV Tennis (3 Years)
Varsity Tennis (1 Year)
Varsity Quiz Bowl (3 Years) Accomplishments Winner of the Fr. James Embser Scholarship ($8000 from Catholic Central)

Winner of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Medal

Winner of the University of Michigan Engineering Scholarship of Honor

Winner of the Computer Science Division at the 2009 Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit; advanced to State Science Fair

Winner of the Intel Professional Award, Waste Management Professional Award, and United States Army Professional Award

Gabriel Richard Club (high honor roll) Member at Catholic Central (2007-Present)

Top Student Award: Honors Spanish I , Health, Honors Math II, Honors Math III

National Merit Semifinalist

Member of the National Honor Society High School Placement Test

Scored in the 99th Percentile Interests Fan of all sports, especially auto racing
Avid water skier
Spending time with family and friends
Playing video games Contact Information Detroit Catholic Central High School
kevin@wegienka.com Family Mom, Angeline
Dad, Alan
Younger Brother, James Essays Objectives Major in Computer Science
Graduate with Masters/Ph.D.
Run my own software business Accomplishments (cont.) Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs Superior Rating Award (5 times, Piano)

Winner of the Michigan Music Teachers Association Superior Rating Award (2 times, Piano)

Winner of the District Solo and Ensemble Festival First Rating (2 times, Clarinet)

Winner of the State Solo and Ensemble Festival Proficiency I Rating (2008-2009 School Year) In the summer of 2009, I experienced one of the most memorable and life-changing experiences of my life, a mission trip to the small town of Aldea Vasquez, Guatemala. The goal of our mission was to build sleeping quarters for a family of five children and their grandparents. With a team of eight other students and some residents from the village, we toiled in the mountains of Guatemala, 9000 feet above sea level, working strenuously to stack layers of cinderblocks with concrete to create walls. Then, we built the foundation for the roof, baking in the scorching sun. After finishing the roof’s foundation, we lugged grey stone shingles, seven pounds each, eight at a time, up a part of the mountain for a third of a mile, and set them on the roof of the home. While not building the house, we were inside the village of Aldea Vasquez, socializing with the citizens and teaching the children of the town basic English. Through interacting with the students, I realized something truly amazing.

The people in the quaint village of Aldea Vasquez were happy with what they had. The villagers did not have the modern amenities that citizens in the United States have, such as air conditioning, laptops, or a large, comfy bed. Yet, they could have so much fun. The children were perfectly happy kicking a soccer ball around or playing catch for hours on end. They were thrilled sitting in the classroom trying to communicate with people who could not speak their own language, and they were perfectly content attempting to grasp concepts they would probably forget in the days following their little lecture. The adult villagers were also delighted with cooking us meals and feeding us the minimal food they had. They were always trying to get to know us “gringos”, as they called caucasians, and they were pleased just sitting around with other villagers, having a drink and talking to one another. They did not have much, but were so satisfied with what they did have. This truly struck a chord in my heart. It showed me that I do not need laptops, video games, a car, or fancy things to be happy. I do not need to long for the top-of-the-line and newest gadgets when the ones I have slip from the pinnacle of technology to mediocrity. I do not even need the things we Americans call “basic”, such as air conditioning and refrigerators. I was shown that I should be eternally grateful for what I have been given, whether it be family, friends, talents, or material goods. I should always make the best of what I have and make the best of whatever situation I am placed in. If this formula is followed, happiness and gratification will always be attained.

From this experience, I have a drastically different outlook on what college life will be like. I know that I will be homesick, because I will miss my family and friends, and before, I thought that I would miss the material goods that gave me comfort. But, through this mission trip, I realized that material things are all extraneous. They are nonessential, and have shown me where my values should lie: in the gifts and opportunities I have been given, and the family, friends, and faith I have been blessed with. And, as I prepare to embark on the college chapter of life, I feel these values will allow me to highly influence others to create a better society in which people are enlightened through community as well as learning. Personal Essay (Common App) College of Engineering Essay “What do I want to spend the rest of my life doing?”

This question is one everybody has asked themselves at one point in their lifetime, and it is a question that has popped up in my mind. I thought to myself that since I loved cars and always dreamt of testing supercars, I would want to work for a magazine, like Motor Trend. Throughout grade school, that was my dream job. Then I received my first laptop, and it hit me:I truly, truly loved computers. I was a huge fan of video games, ever since I was little, but I had never dreamt of ever making those or any other computer programs. From that point on, I have had my mind set on being a software developer. If accepted into the University of Michigan, I am applying to the College of Engineering, specifically in the field of computer science. This area of the university is very unique, for it offers students a highly acclaimed program while giving the students the resources and facilities they need to succeed in a proper fashion. The university’s high level courses, modern facilities, and extensive network gives students an environment where success is the only result. These qualities are what make the University of Michigan’s computer science program such a unique one, and one I hope I can be a part of.

I enjoy computers because of how much they can be part of my life. The different tasks computers can perform and the ways people can interact with them have astounded me. I have also written programs myself, and they have fascinated me because of how much amusement I got even though they frustrated me quite a bit. Because of this interest, I have aspirations to learn different programming languages, and be able to program with an ability to create very high-level code. I also am a person who enjoys acquiring knowledge, especially knowledge of technology. From this, I have been meticulous in seeing what universities fit my desires and dreams. One of these prestigious institutions is the University of Michigan. Your computer science program has been consistently ranked in the top ten year after year, and has been highly acclaimed and recognized. This is because of the rigorous courses offered, the facilities students have to conduct studies in, and the degrees students can attain while there. I have also seen firsthand the hard work and dedication the Michigan can give their students to make sure that they succeed in the field of their choice. Through the Michigan Introduction to Technology and Engineering (MITE) and the Summer College Engineering Exposure Program (SCEEP), the University has shown me they are all about trying to meet the goals and wishes of their students. This is why the University of Michigan has jumped out at me: they give the students tools necessary to succeed in the university setting while challenging them and trying to account for their wishes at the same time. Academic Awards Music Awards Class Rank 2nd out of 248 Enrichment Stanford University Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) Intro to C Programming (Three Courses, Sept 2007 - May 2008)

Michigan Introduction to Technology and Engineering (MITE)

Summer College Engineering Exposure Program (SCEEP) at the University of Michigan Guatemala Mission Trip 2009 MITE 2009 Detroit Catholic Central JV Tennis Team 2009 Our Lady of Good Counsel Grade School Catholic
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