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Diana R

on 21 October 2014

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In the following presentation, you will find my biography, my professional plans for the future, my qualities and my vision to society.
Me and my profession
My name is diana katherine Rodriguez triana. I was born on January 9, 1998 in BogotA. I currently live in my house with my dad, my mom, my sisters, my grandmother, my cousin and my dog. I am a grade eleven student of the robert f. kennedy school. I am sixteen years old, I have a life full of blessings and happiness. I am passionate by the skating, it is my favorite sport. However I am a very happy person but very bad genio.
i want to be a journalist
A journalist is a person who is professionally engaged in journalism I whatever from, whether in print, photography , radio, television and digital media. His job is to identify and investigate issues of public interest, contrasting, synthesizing, raking them and post them. This relies on reliable and verifiable news sources. This makes its articles, which take several forms for dissemination: oral, written or visual.
the career that I want to study when you leave school is journalism and public opinion at the University of rosario. My mom is a teacher and my dad Manager of the company that my sister is called GRUPO EMPRESARIAL G & T. Is an architect and designer, and the other is an economist. I am a charismatic person with many goals and objectives that today I am ready to comply.
Profile needed to enter university is: have bachelor paperboard (being graduated from high school) good ICFES and is some cases you need to have very good grades from ninth grade. Profile offered by this profession is journalist whit emphasis on public opinion, graduated from Universidad del Rosario acquires much knowledge as speaking, listening and reading , however the reporters identify and investigate.

Journalist and public opinion aims to produce graduates that meet the information reeds of contemporary societies, from the combination of concepts that often appear divorced in journalist quality, creativity, productivity and efficiency.

The university del Rosario career is approximately eight million pesos, the way were going to pay for college is to win a scholarship and if it is not possible to get a ban in ICETEX or my parents would assume the cost of this.

in am journalist, i graduate at the university of rosario there remained five years preparing me for what today am, journalist in public opinion. To take forward this career along with the law the university gives me the possibility to make these two careers together. professionally they are careers that contribute much to society, being a journalist gives me the possibility to show thw population the social reality which is evidenced in this country with a legal system, where it can perform a speech with reasons and arguments involving me in education and personal in the country.
however my profession as a journalist undoubtedly influences in the knowledge of each person since thanks to the emphasis in public opinion can highlight and discuss the problems evidenced today with consistency.

thanks to my profession achievements develop in many aspects to work level whic promotes me to meet as proposed is journalist and lawyer

my influence as a journalist in society is based on creating new resources for persons with difficulties to obtain a work in such a way that i gained the knowledge and education and ideas to develop and integrated these people into the media or approaches which my career unfolded achieve open more possibilities for those who have failed to get a job and are resourced.
diana katherine rodriguez t.
1103 jm
mariela castro
My dream come true
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