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Sorrel Dunn

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Flapperism

who is this woman? she is an actress, a fashion icon, and a social role model she is a flapper. what are flappers? flappers were radical young women who became prominent in the 1920s. They dared to defy society's expectations by wearing short skirts, bobbing their hair, listening and dancing to jazz, smoking, going to speakeasies, wearing makeup, and having casual sex. How did it all start? works cited images The first usage of the term "flapper" came in 1920, when Olive Thomas starred in a film called The Flapper http://marymiley.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/flapper-stamp.jpg
http://nfo.net/usa/flapper_mirror.jpg In addition to movies, flappers also emerged in art and literature. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald and artist John Held Jr. portrayed flappers in their work, practically creating the emerging flapper image. Fitzgerald described ideal flappers as "young, expensive, and about nineteen". here are some Life Magazine covers illustrated by John Held Jr. The Flapper Image The flapper lifestyle necessitated certain changes in clothing styles. Because dance involved much more movement, girls exchanged their corsets and pantaloons for smaller, more lightweight and flexible underwear called stepins. as you can see here, short skirts were important for the flappers to dance. ...and the cover of a book of two of Fitzgerald's stories: One of the most recognizable aspects of the flapper style is the haircut, called the "bob". flappers also wore a lot of makeup— something that had previously only been done by "loose women". The Flapper Attitude The behavior and lifestyle of the flappers was frankly shocking. Flappers seemd to cling to youth they dressed in a boyish manner they smoked! they drove cars! they rode in cars! they had sex in cars! Dancing The emergence of Jazz and prohibition bars (speakeasies) led to the emergence of a new, fast-paced dancing. Dances like the Charleston, the Black Bottom, and the Shimmy were popular information http://history1900s.about.com/od/1920s/a/flappers.htm
The End of Flapperism Althoug the behavior of the flappers was so shocking, a less extreme version of that lifestyle emerged, which was acceptable to older members of society. When the market crashed in 1929, the extravagant lifestyle of the flappers was no longer possible. However, their social radicalism caused lasting changes in society.
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