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Captain America Hero's Journey Project


Gary Huang

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Captain America Hero's Journey Project

Captain America The First Avenger Traits of hero's journey and traditional hero By: Gary Huang For: Ms. Zhou Made in Feb.
6th 2013 ESLE Birth Call to Adventure The hero may accept the adventure when there is somebody good calls for help or mission Helpers - Bucky - Peggy Carter - Dr. Abraham Erskine Crossing the Threshold Tests Climax Talks about the hero's birth or family's history - mom and dad are killed in war - not too poor but unhealthy - always being bullied on the street - Born in Brooklyn in 1940s - Dr. Abraham Erskine ask him(the hero) to be the first volunteer for his serum which makes mussel grow very fast Hero's Journey Flight Return Elixir The Tradictional Hero Amulet Some people who follow and help the hero through the journey - Colonel Chester Phillips Others: - Howard Stark - Sodilers who join Captain America's group A thing which hero walks through to the new world - When Roger and Peggy walks through the giant door on the secret military station where Roger is going to shoot the serum from the doctor In the journey, the hero will meet some enermies which the hero will defeat and learn form - Catching the German spy who killed the Dr. - In Italy, rescue 400 sodiers included Bucky from Red Skull Red Skull The hero will meet the Boss of the enermy which is better than the hero - In Red skull's giant plane, Captain America defeated Red skull After the hero defeated the Boss, he will return to the normal world - During the time when Roger defeat the Red Skull, he rides the giant plane The hero returns to his normal world usually by awaking rebirthing or walk through the forest - At the beginning of the movie when the S.H.I.E.L.D workers find the giant plane in Russia - At the end of the moviewhen Roger finds himself in the S.H.I.E.L.D's aqartment in the future world The power learnt by the hero which also related to him - Strong body power - Courage, never gives up - Special Shield - Kind, non-evil heart A humble beginning: Skinny body Fulfill a quest: the serum Experiences initial setback and succeeds: The German Spy Has a wise mentor: Dr.
Abraham Erskine Acts unselfishly: Save the American from dying Has copanion Combat villiain and win: Red Skull Has special wepons : Shield
and other wepons Bibliography www.yahoo.com.tw www.google.com.tw www.wikipidia.com.tw www.baidu.com Thank you !!!! - wish to join the army
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