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Amanda-Harriet Tubman

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Amanda-Harriet Tubman

Underground railroad Harriet Tubman Backround information Born in Maryland in 1820 and successfully escaped slavery in 1849.
She returned many times to rescue her family and non-realitives from slavery and plantation she led to hundreds of people to freedom.
She was born enslaved originally named Araminta Harriet Ross.
The violence she suffered as a slave in her early life caused permanent physical damage. Backround imformation The line between freedom and slavery was hazy for Tubman and her family, her father was freed from slavery at age 45.
In 1844 Harriet married a free black man named John Tubman.
Harriet soon escaped from slavery in 1849 and went to Philadelphia Character traits Harriet made it her mission to rescue her family and others living in slavery.( caring)
She always stood up for what she believed in which was no more slavery. (confident)
Harriet rescued hundreds of slaves, so they could have freedom (thoughtful)
She was (loyal) to the people she helped and they could trust her.
she was (devoted) to helping people and never gave up.
Harriet Tubman was widely known as well as respected while she was alive, and later became an (american idol) after she died. I think she made a huge impact on hundreds of peoples lives. She risked her life so many times to save people she didnt even know or have to save. She is a huge part of the underground.She is important to me because she was brave and did so many things for other people, even with her rough childhood as a slave she still went back.
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