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MASH 2013

No description

Kristina Busse

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of MASH 2013

authorial paratextual metadata (headers and tags)
rec lists (esp. when ordered thematically)
commentary and feedback
Role of Generic Tropes
creation and revision
dissemination and distribution
reception and evaluation
Generic Naming and Labeling
Tags are a highly efficient and very visible way in which interpretive communities share interpretations that guide readings of the fan works, influence interpretations of the source texts, and generate new fiction in their wake.

w/ show (as fan fiction)
w/ other fans (responding to the prompt; riffing off one another's stories)
w/ fandom at large (engaging mpreg and omega tropes)
w/ culture at large (engaging standard gender sterotypes)
Generic tropes
are a feature,
not a bug.

(1) allow us clues for how to understand the text
and guide reader expectation
(2) offer pleasure in the familiar and fulfilling expectations
(3) enable us to anticipate plot and characterization,
whether by fulfilling or defying genre categories.
Genres are “cultural categories that surpass the boundaries of media texts and operate within industry, audience, and cultural practices as well.” (Jason Mittell)
Fan works engage a “full range of discursive modes, including direct naming, associative naming, and reflexive, thematic, and textural/descriptive analysis." (Louisa Stein)
little red! Stiles

MPAA Ratings

mandatory tags: (limited) vocabulary control

freeform tags: backend hierarchical taxonomy
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