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Diabetes - For Kids

Informative presentation about diabetes aimed at kids ages 4-10.

Jackie M

on 27 August 2011

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Transcript of Diabetes - For Kids

Diabetes What is it? Type 2 Type 1 May require
pills or insulin Can be treated
with diet and exercise Treated
insulin We don't know
what causes it Juvenile
insulin-dependent There are two main types of diabetes... Usually diagnosed as kids Usually diagnosed as an adult There are two main types... Type 1 Type 2 Juvenile - Usually diagnosed as kids Usually diagnosed as adults Must be treated with insulin Can be managed by diet and exercise Or pills and/or insulin What's Insulin? Insulin is an important hormone in your body. Your body uses it to use the energy in the food you eat. Can't make any insulin Make some insulin, but can't use it well or don't make enough Imagine a pirate. He found a treasure chest, but it's locked.

What does he need to get in? He needs a key. Insulin is the key in our bodies, to let sugar into cells! People with diabetes
get their insulin in
bottles And take it in a number of ways... = What's That? This is an insulin pump It's one of the many ways people with diabetes get insulin. Insulin pens or shots are the other options How do you get diabetes? Special cells in your pancreas, called beta cells, make insulin.

But in people who have type 1 diabetes, their body has killed off their beta cells, and they can't make insulin anymore. Your pancreas kind of looks like a banana. It lives behind your stomach and liver. People with type two have a hard time using their insulin, so they take medication to help their body use it. How do they decide how much insulin to take? Based on their blood sugar And how many carbohydrates they eat 1 slice of pizza = 23g 5 chicken nuggets = 12g PB&J Sandwich = 40g How to check your blood sugar: Poke a finger to get a drop of blood Put the drop on a test strip in the meter Wait for the meter to show a number There's a lot of math that goes into living with diabetes.
Insulin pumps help people do a lot of the math, so they just punch in the numbers. This is how the math might go, though: I ate:
1 turkey and cheese sandwich = 30g
1/2 cup chocolate pudding = 22g
1 cup applesauce = 20g
72g carbs My blood sugar was 165mg/dl

My target is 120mg/dl

165-120=45/35=1.3 units My carb factor is 8.
72/8= 9 units.
9+1.3=10.3 units I will bolus at lunch Things you need to know about diabetes: It's not contagious
We don't know why some kids get it and others don't
You can't get it from eating lots of sugar
People with diabetes live healthy and awesome lives
They just have to work a little bit harder and pay attention Some Famous People with Type 1 Diabetes How do you know if you have diabetes? Symptoms of diabetes include: Extreme thirst and hunger
Lots of bathroom trips
Sudden weight loss
Extreme tiredness If you have some of these symptoms, you should go to a doctor immediately, and get your blood sugar checked. Blood Sugar - What does it mean? It tells them how much sugar is in their blood. In people without diabetes, this number is usually around 100. If your blood sugar is too high
[around 200mg/dl]
bad headaches
drink a lot of water

correct with extra insulin If your blood sugar is too low
[around 80mg/dl]

eat or drink something sugary quickly, like juice, regular pop, or fruit snacks. Your body gets most of its energy from carbohydrates, like bread, juice, and fruit. These are broken down into simple sugars in your stomach. Insulin lets the sugar into your cells so it can be used for energy. Nicole Johnson
Miss America 1999 Bret Michaels
Rock Star Gary Hall, Jr.
Olympic Swimmer Nick Jonas
Rock Star Jay Cutler
NFL Quarterback Curt Fraiser
Grand Rapids
Griffins Coach
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