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Welcome to the Black Parade

No description

Lauren MacKenzie

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the Black Parade

The Meaning
How Does This Song Make You Feel?
This song makes me feel very sad, but at the same time, happy. I love to sing along to this song and many others by My Chemical Romance. At the beginning I always feel the most sadness, but as the song continues through, it starts to feel more upbeat, as if an empty heart is being filled, and it just gives me extreme mixed emotions. Whenever I have my music on shuffle, and "Welcome to the Black Parade" starts, I unconsciously start humming the tune and singing along, and that in it's self, makes me very happy.
How Do You Think the Song Writers Felt When Writing the Song?
My Chemical Romance wrote "Welcome to the Black Parade" as a group, all of the band members contributed to the song. When writing this song, the group could've felt any range of emotions, but I think that the most common emotion, would have been sadness.
Why Do I Like This Song?
Welcome to the Black Parade
Project By: Lauren MacKenzie
This song, as described by Gerard Way in an interview by Fuse, says the man in the song, they called the patient, is dying in a hospital. His most treasured memory was when his father took him to a parade when he was a young boy. Gerard says he believes that when you die, death comes to you in any form you want it to. So as this man is dying, remembering his father and the parade, death comes to him as a black parade.
After being together for twelve years, My Chemical Romance broke up, on March 22nd, 2013. Their break up made so many people sad, and thinking about it, makes me feel extraordinarily sad. I'm hoping, that someday soon, My Chemical Romance, will perform a reunion concert, or make a new album together. That would make me, my sisters, and a lot of other fans extremely happy.
Gerard Way
Gerard Arthur Way was born April 9, 1977 in Summit, New Jersey, and is currently 37 years old. He is an American musician and comic book writer, and was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the band, My Chemical Romance. Gerard also wrote the comic mini-series "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys", and wrote the Eisner Award-winning comic book "The Umbrella Academy". His debut solo album, Hesitant Alien, was released on September 30th, 2014 via Warner Bros. Records. On September 3, 2007, after a concert in Colorado, Gerard married Lindsey (Lyn-Z) of Mindless Self Indulgence, backstage on the final date of the Projekt Revolution tour. Their daughter, Bandit Lee Way, was born in California, on May 27, 2009.
Frank Iero was born October 31, 1981, in Belleville, New Jersey and is a 32 year-old musician. He was the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of My Chemical Romance, as well as the singer of the post-hardcore band, Leathermouth, and electronic-hardcore act Death Spells; he also was a part of multiple other bands. He currently has a solo project, titled FrnkIero And The Cellabration with an album titled Stomachaches that was released on August 26, 2014. He went to Rutgers University on a scholarship, but dropped out to go on tour with My Chemical Romance. Frank's parents split when he was young and he grew up living with his mother, who lent out her basement to her son's many band practices; his father and grandfather were musicians and were both big influences on Frank when he was young. On February 5, 2007 Frank married his long-term girlfriend, Jamia Nestor, after proposing on May 25, 2006 during the recording of The Black Parade. He now has three kids, twin girls and a son.

Frank Iero
Mikey Way
Michael James Way was born September 10, 1980, Kearny, New Jersey, and was raised in Belleville, New Jersey, with his brother, Gerard. He is a 34 year-old, American musician, and was the bassist of My Chemical Romance. He later co-founded the band Electric Century. The first concert Mikey ever went to was by Smashing Pumpkins with Gerard. After seeing them perform, he told Gerard "we have to do this." Later, he was asked to join My Chemical Romance, which involved him having to improve his bass skills in the space of a week.
Ray Toro
Raymond Toro was born July 15, 1977, and is a 37 year-old American musician, who was lead guitarist and co-founder of My Chemical Romance. Ray had inherited a passion for music from his older brother, who "always had a guitar lying around the house" and would be "jamming on it day and night." In addition to inspiring him to pick up a guitar, Ray's brother introduced him to several bands whose guitarists influenced him greatly. He enrolled in guitar lessons, as well as typing lessons to improve his manual dexterity. Ray married Christa in November 2008. They have only one son.
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