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Ninjas the Silent Warriors

We play games or get toys related to ninjas,but the real ninjas are lost in history.I'm here to set the facts straight.

Sarah Clancy

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Ninjas the Silent Warriors

By Zahra Jafri #8 5 Cool Facts 3 Vocab Words I chose this book
because... What I knew about Ninjas before I read about them. Zahra Jafri is a 10 year old, brown hair, brown eyed girl. She loves school and her teacher. She loves to read as much as lions are lazy. She loves steak, some junk foods, and some candies. She is funny and can make some people laugh. She likes to travel and buy things. She is a nice and helpful girl. She is rich to have good friends and loves to travel. She has two brothers and a sister. She loves her parents. She loves her siblings even though they are annoying. Ninja: Are you wondering what a Ninja really is?
Ninjas are trained in "ancient Japanese arts" from pg.42 from Ninjas Masters of Stealth and Secrecy
Ninjutsu: Are you wondering what type of art Ninjas practice?
Ninjutsu is the brief word of saying the different arts that the Ninjas practice.

Stealth : Are you wondering why the title of one book has stealth in it?
Stealth is the "ability to be unseen or unknown by others."from Ninjas pg.30 which is as quality that Ninjas have. I chose these books because instead of doing a disease for this project or about a monkey, I did something that was different. Also I wouldn't have thought of it if I hadn't seen it. This topic was interesting and it was something new. These books were interesting and I learned things I did not know I knew Ninjas wore black, but I didn't know that they usually wore whatever fit their mission. On a mission outdoors they would probably where something to blend with the envirement. Or if they were in a marketplacethey would disguise themselves as normal buyers or sellers. I honestly knew very little about Ninjas, but after I read these books I learned more about these people who had mastered incredi- ble arts that would be difficult for the common person. Learn More About the Creator of Ninjas The Silent Warriors Ninjas the Silent Warriors Ninja Ninjutsu Stealth Cool Fact #1 : Many people thought that the ninjas were majical, but really they were trained in special arts that made them seem majical. pg.10 from Ninjas Masters of Stealth and Secrecy.
Cool Fact #2 : Multiple researchers think that the ninjas started in Iga and Koga, but they are not sure. pg. 12 and 13 from Ninjas Masters of stealth and Secrecy.
Cool Fact #3 : Ninjas were taught to disloate their shoulder and/or jaw to prevent talking or to escape. pg.20 from Ninjas Masters of Stealth and Secrecy.
Cool Fact #4 : Their houses are built specially for quick escapes and/or if they need to grab a weapon. pg. 26 from Ninjas Masters of stealth and Secrecy and pg. 21 from Ninjas.
Cool Fact #5 : Many people think that Ninjas wore full black clothes, but really they wore whatever fit for a disquise for their mission.pg.17 from Ninjas and pg. 9 From Ninjas Masters of Stealth and Secrecy. People Disappearing Iga and Koga Dislocated Jaw Normal Jaw A House Fit For
A Ninja Ninja in Black Bibliography
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