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Web Idea

No description

Web Idea

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Web Idea

so... you have an idea!!! but... you don't know what's better and
many companies/freelancers say.... pick me!, we're more cheap!, we're the best!, we're professional and bla bla bla with a lot of experience! pick me!, we've a lot of stuff that you don't need. we've plan A, B, C and Standard solutions
we don't care your special needs

Pay in advance, and we see later.. so... later, and later you have to wait longer you maybe going to disappoint about everything you maybe get mad and want to quit! is not expensive like you guess. no longer waiting. our work philosophy... Make Faster and Easy your Web Site.
Without waiting.
Get Professional Help and Consulting for yours special needs.
Be partner as Reseller or Freelancer. we wanna explain you some misconceptions; is not complicated science like you think. is outdated, is Dinosaur's Business Model,
special ideas has special needs Standard Solutions PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C... Believe in your ideas and don't
worry about everything else! we think... who's better?, is possible trust them? FREELANCER A COMPANY B just pay what you choose but.... tools and solutions are many Design, manage, edit, is so simple like office tools, you can do it by yourself! We want to listen you; Don't give up! e=mc2 We have many Solutions and Services with many addon functions They can fit to any case or need Blog Art Gallery Professional Portfolio Shopping Cart Traffic tools Analytics tools Search engine tools Mobile Site Social Networks email services Select to create your own package My own
package Let your idea make you fly..... www.webidea.co You can get trial services. you can try our tools and services for free! You can make your own formula
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