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Aman Bansal : Resume | CV

A heart warming attempt to impress you.

Aman Bansal

on 25 June 2017

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Transcript of Aman Bansal : Resume | CV

Sept, 2014:

1st WSES,
, Zurich, Switzerland
Consulting Pvt. Limited
Sony Mobile Communications
What else did i do in publicis?

My name is
and I am a

I am a 29-year-old Digital Marketer and Business Developer, currently working as Sr Manager with MSL Group, Delhi.
Let's start again.

Social Media Research Executive - Jan 2011 - May 2011

Worked primarily on
HBO India
; online travel agency and
; online share trading company.

Thesis on
Marketing: The Social Media Way
Grew understanding of the other aspects of
Digital Marketing
; SEO, SEM, Viral web campaigns ( ughhh...hate this word viral) and other channels
After this, I started proclaiming that I
was one of India's top social media expert.
Publicis Groupe

That offended some people.
Biggest client:
Crowdsourced over 4000 photos and over 1000 videos, over 150 phone reviews
Campaign Asia report ranked Sony as India's top brand
McKinsey Nielsen survey in India ranked it as the 10th most engaging Social Media brand
Xperia S sales targets were met within 3 days
In less than a year 100 million+ impressions, 35 million users reached and 600,000 non-fans engaged
Each day 2000+ fans added, 10,000 stories created around posts
Fan base 500,000 to over 2 million; growth of 400% in one year
Creative head & Assistant Account Manager
Managed Vedanta's CSR and image building campaign amidst controversies and criticisms in news and journals all over India.
New business pitches
Organized photo shoots, covered PR events and produced videos
Analyzed other account's and client's activities
Finding common ground in the MSL PR team and digital marketing team
Blogger outreach, application development, work analysis reports and presentations

International Brand Management
et Apres...
As a part of the Corporate Project
, led the student group responsibile for Digital Innovation at Digitick, an online ticket system owned by Vivendi.
Led my very own
Pro-Act Earth
with ZEST, a student association for a proposal of a new course to be part of the curriculum aimed at ethics and happiness.
Advertiser Sales Manager at Adcash, Tallinn, Estonia
Assistant Marketing Manager for '1st WSES ' at the FIFA HQ, Zurich, Switzerland
Led the Digital marketing strategy of Sony Mobiles for the Publicis Groupe, New Delhi, India
Gave a speech in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
Specialized in International Brand Management from Kedge BS ( Euromed Management), Marseille, France
WYFEB International Forum,

An eight day ethical leadership training forum organized in partnership with The World Bank.
Gave a half-an-hour
speech in the European Parliament.
Studied scriptwriting and filmmaking for 6 months.
Made a nine minute short film that got screened in Kerala Film Festival.
Have been studying the Buddhist philosophy
on life, true happiness and human relationships for the past 2 years.
Am a yoga and meditation teacher now.
So this is the end. But...

Before I go, let me summarize.
Skype : aman_bansal88
Phone: +91-7837225744
Thank you for your time.
Contact me:
I have extensively worked in Sales and Account Management and have led marketing teams skilled in Copy writing, design, SEO, SMM, PR and Media Planning and Digital Advertising (including Mobile and InApp).
My name is Aman
Assistant Account Manager
August 2011 - October 2012
press play to start the machine
Use arrows to operate it
Saw the team grow from 5 to 50 people in 6 months
Led the Digital Marketing and Research department
Worked in Advertising Sales of the event ; the target of 75K Euros for the event was met within 6 weeks
Worked with Digital PR; in charge of keeping tabs on the activity of the press related to the event
Prepared the final 120 slide presentation for the event to be presented at the main hall to all the guests belonging to sports, journals, politics and commerce from all around the world
Last Job :
Advertiser Sales Manager at Adcash Ad Network, tallinn, Estonia
50% of the time : managing my very own portfolio of clients, a total of 16 at the moment, before passing them on to the traffic managers
25% : Prospecting, negotiating (contract, budget and media strategy) and on boarding new clients
25%: Data analysis and measuring the KPIs; supporting the traffic and campaign team; working with product development in new features and project management in resolving bugs
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