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The Power and Influence of Ellen DeGeneres

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Erin Verlaque

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of The Power and Influence of Ellen DeGeneres

General Facts about Ellen DeGeneres
Why she gained p wer
Evidence of power
There has been a 9% increase of gay households in America alone from 2000 to 2010, and although many celebrities have tried to help increase acceptance, Ellen was one of the few who started it. She was able to make people question whether discriminating against gay people was right.

Before her show 'Ellen' was canceled many sponsors pulled out of advertising, this was one of the main reasons the show was canceled. One of the companies in question was J.C Penney, last year Ellen became one of their spokes women. The company, that once dropped her for her sexuality, defended her even when they received letters of complaint. Ellen has now become a valuable asset to their company, one they intend to keep.
Concluding words
I think that Ellen has contributed in a positive way towards our social environment. Whenever I mention Ellen in conversation, people comment on how when they are not feeling great they like to turn on her show, which they always know is going to be a laugh. From small impacts like laughter, to the larger ones like self-appreciation Ellen has done her best to help the community of the world. She has managed to help change how we perceive the word 'gay', people have followed her example and used her as an inspiration, whether gay or not. Ellen has won many awards for her power on society, although many, including herself, do not always realise the impact she has on average everyday lives.
H w she gained power
Ellen started out as a stand up comedian, she appeared in several television series before being asked to star in her own sitcom originally titled 'These Friends of Mine', which was renamed 'Ellen' when season 2 aired in 1995.

When Ellen's character came out as gay the show was soon canceled. Ellen herself had come out at the same time, this was seen as very controversial because it was not accepted by many at that time to be gay. She was met with both hate mail and letters praising her actions.

Her actions may have haltered her career for a few years but she says she would not change her struggles because it helped her become grateful of the life she has today.

The Power and Influence of Ellen DeGeneres
Qualities of a leader
Her Beliefs
How they effected her
Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born on 26th January in 1958, just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Ellen started her television career in 1994 with a sitcom titled 'Ellen'
She came out as gay in 1997
She now hosts an award winning show called 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' which has been on air since 2003
She has been married since 2008 to Portia de Rossi
How she gained power continued
Her attitude towards life helped her regain the career progress she had lost. She kept pursuing and was proud of who she was. Although many disagree with her sexuality, it is hard to fault her self confidence that coming out allowed her to have.

Parents did not want their children influenced into becoming gay, yet she showed that you can be who you are in a period where you are not excepted and still come out on top. Her actions to make 'gay' become a less scary and unwanted word, one used in everyday society.

She gained her power and status by being the person she is and not letting anyone try to discriminate against her or change her.
Religious views- Ellen was raised in a Christian Science environment, a branch of Christianity which does not believe in people taking medicine, or doctors visits. Now days Ellen identifies as spiritual but not religious.

Moral views- Ellen wants people to be able to express who they are. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something that took her a while to realise was important, and now she is constantly promoting it.

She also is an advocate of making people happy, she claims it as her passion. Ellen's main belief is to live a happy life, and is what she works towards in her's.
Ellen's belief of having a happy life influenced her to become a comedian. She had been struggling with what she wanted to do almost her whole life and dropped out of the University of New Orleans after just one semester to pursue her passion for comedy.

She started making people laugh with her mother after she had had a bad divorce with Ellen's father. Her love of making people happy is the foundation of her career and life. She tries to incorporate this into her daily television show to spread her beliefs with the world.

As well Ellen's belief in rights for all has encouraged her to help out and donate to many charities along with promoting certain causes on her popular show.
Many people have many different theories of why Ellen gained power, some favouring her realness as a television personality, others her persistence. I believe that it is her basic morals and what she stands for in the LGBT community that have helped push her to where she is today.

Ellen came out in a time when 'gay' was not an excepted sexuality, she helped make it become one. The people who were suffering the consequences others enforced on them because they were gay, supported Ellen. They had often been through the struggle themselves, and anyone else who had been through a time of discrimination could look at the situation and tell that it was a repeat of what happened to them.
Why she gained power continued
When people have been in certain situations, they can relate with others in similar ones, many people have been discriminated over the smallest things (for example if they like a certain band or not). Many of these people could empathize with Ellen, and as she has such a likeable personality, many started supporting her.

Ellen wants to make everyone happy, when someone has a life mission like that, people most likely are going to like that person. Everyone wants to feel happy, and when Ellen tries to do all in her power to help others achieve their happiness, they will be thankful. Even if people do not like the fact that she is gay, those same people will watch her show due to the humor it contains and the smile it puts on their faces.
A good leader is someone who can lead others in an effective way. They are able to listen to others and their suggestions, not just believe that their way is the only one. As well, good members of authority have a positive input on people's lives, they try to make others happier, whether through changing laws or making people laugh. To lead well, the most important attributes to have are to be receptive and honest with others, in return you will have loyal civilians willing to help you. One person cannot achieve anything alone, they need an army, if not always in the literal sense.
By Erin Verlaque
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