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Maryland and Virginia

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Maryland and Virginia

Maryland and Virginia
by: Lian Hahn and Grant Fisher
Maryland was founded by Cecil Calvert in 1632. The region was the Southern Colonies.
Cecil Calvert was an English Peer who was
the first Proprietor.
Important things about Maryland
Virginia was founded by George Calvert 1633.The region is the Southern Region.
George Calvert was the first person to dream of a colony in America where Catholics and Protestants could prosper together.
Religion in Maryland
If you lived in Virginia you would have religious freedom because there was no specific religion. There was also a lot of Baptist and Anglicans.
Religion in Virginia
Important things about Virginia
If you lived in Maryland you had free religion, civil freedom and religious rights although Maryland was meant for only Catholics. There was a lot of Baptists and Anglicans also.
The Geography of Maryland
Geography in Virginia
In Virginia there are mountains,valleys, and coastal plains. The mountains are nice to hike in and to get a good view. You should see it don't worry, it's a lot better than you think it is!
The land was covered in Coastal Plains, Piedmont, mountains and crystal clean rivers. A Coastal Plain is a flat, low-lying land adjacent to a seacoast. A Piedmont is plateau region located in the Eastern United states between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the main Appalachian Mountains. There is great places to take pictures also so get your cameras ready!
Economy in Maryland
If you lived in Maryland they concentrated on agriculture, and developed the plantations by exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit, livestock, rice, indigo [dye], lumber and furs.
Economy in Virginia
The people of Virginia depended on farming corn, potatoes, tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo [dye], lumber, furs and farm products. They also exported agriculture to other colonies.
Interesting facts about Maryland!
1.Maryland was the hometown to Babe Ruth
2. Famous for seafood especially crab and crab cake
4. Maryland's Mount Clare Station was the first railroad in the United States
5.The state sport of Maryland is Jousting, a competition between 2 armored contestents mounted on horses in which each tries to strike the other with a lance
6. Americas first umbrellas were produced in Baltimore, beginning in 1828
7. This year is the 47th annual Seafood Festival!
Interesting things about Virginia!
1. Virginia is nicknamed 'Old Dominion'
2. Grew the first peanuts in the U.S
3. Is home base for U.S Navy's Atlantic Fleet
4. Held the first Thanksgiving in America in 1619
5. Many presidents were born in Virginia
6. Many residents made a living from Virginia's tobacco industry
7. Was named after England's Queen Elizabeth 'Virgin Queen'
8. Is well known as 'The birth place of a nation'
9. Has been also called 'Internet Capital of the World'
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