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Should Brazil have the right to exploit the rainforest?

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Luke Peacock

on 13 April 2012

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Transcript of Should Brazil have the right to exploit the rainforest?

Facts This is the
result...... By Luke Peacock What does exploiting mean? Well...... It simply means:
To make use of something
selfishly or unethically
Should Brazil have the right to exploit the rainforest? Brazil holds about 1/3 of the worlds rainforests
More than 56,000 species of plants, 1700 species of birds, 695 amphibians, 578 mammals, and 651 reptiles.
Brazil losses 34,660 square km each year.
The total value of the wood industry is $4,032,170,000
What does this picture mean? It shows that the rainforests are being destroyed in huge numbers. It means that if we want to have wood in the future,and more importantly,life we should stop destroying the rainforests and making species extinct. How can we prevent it ? On websites like RainforestConcern. org and Sky Rainforest Rescue, we can sponsor animals to make sure they are not killed and become extinct for £2, for £50 we can stop an acre of rainforest being destroyed! You just need to pay a little bit a month to help save the world.
If you can't or don't want to pay, you can just recycle as it reduced the amount of trees needed to be cut down.
When you by something like coffee, does it say that it is saving the rainforests ? If not, don't buy it !
Cut down on buying any wooden wadrobes , wooden furniture or wooden floors
If you need to buy any wooden things then buy as little as you can or see if they are rainforest friendly So does brazil have the right to do this ? Brazil does own the land so they can do whatever they want with it.
However, it is their responsibility with help from across the world to keep the most vital ecosystem on earth, rainforests healthy and strong.
The rainforests cleans the air for us to breath and hold 2/3 of the worlds animals. No.........
Brazil does not have the right to exploit our worlds rainforests because it destroys many lives, destroys many important eco-systems and destroys rainforests Companies that are trying to help stop deforestation Did you Know? For every tree that is cut down, 26 trees are damaged by dragging trees through the rainforest and when the tree falls down it brings down nearby trees as well. Who's involved ?
Forest Barrack
Big companies What is happening?
They have chopped down trees and they are turning them into planks of wood What is the effect on the rainforest?
The rainforest is destroyed because roads and large areas of land are cleared.
The ground begins to have less nutrients for plants to grow in. Saw Mill Natural Gas Well Who's involved?
Big companies e.g BP, Shell
World's demand for gas What is the effect on the rainforest?
Lots of pollution.
Land cleared for gas well
Roads through the rainforest for transport What is happening?
They are drilling and pumping gas from the Earth. Coffee Plantations Who is involved?
Small scale farms
Big companies e.g. Kenco Coffee What is happening?
They are clearing huge areas of land to turn them into big plantations. What is the effect on the rainforest?
Large areas of land are destroyed
Rubber Tapping Who's involved?
Small families/ farmers
Government supports it What is the effect on the rainforest?
It does not effect the rainforest at all since trees are not cut down or overused What is happening?
Scraping the bark off the tree in a certain place and drawing rubber from the tree. They plant or use rubber trees inside the rainforest. They rotate trees. Slash and burn, shifting cultivation Cattle ranching Who is involved?
Small scale farmers What is the effect on the rainforest?
Rainforests are destroyed but can't recover because everything has been burnt
Farmers move so they destroy more and more huge areas of land each time they move location What is happening?
The farmers chopping trees down and burning them as charcoal is a very good fertiliser. They will later grow crops on the land What is happening
They are leading the cattle so the cattle can make a sort of road so other companies can transport goods around the forest Who is involved?
Other residents that want to volunteer to help cattle ranching What is the effect on the rainforest?
The trees have to be cut down so the process can be executed.
It destroys a lot of the trees on the way.
Questions to the government?
Do you not realise that your rainforests support the whole world? So why are you allowing people to destroy it all?
Do you think you should limit the number of trees allowed to be cut or put a very high charge to cut down a tree in the rainforest?
If this continues, what do you think the future of the rainforest will be like?
More questions.....
What do you think happens to all the wildlife when the rainforest is destroyed?
Do you know what will happen to the rainforest if you continue this?
Do you know what things will happen to the plants and animals with all the pollution that is being produced.
Is money getting yourself a nice life the only thing you care about? What about all the animals whose homes you are knocking down? Local People Most clearances are by local tribes needing land to grow crops on. They clear the rainforests using slash and burn and leave the area to recover after 5 years. Plantation Farming Rainforest is cut down and replanted with cash crops. Big companies own them. Mining Companies They mine very valuable resources that are mainly found in the rainforest. They destroy large areas of land and build lots of roads Logging Companies Richer countries have a huge demand for timber. Logging is the second biggest deforestation cause. Lots of trees are destroyed even if they are too small and worthless. Growing Crops Brazil is an LEDC and has a huge population growth rate. So, lots of food is needed to feed them and they make huge farms in the middle of the rainforest. Government Policies The government clears huge areas of rainforest to encourage people to set up farms on cheap land. New Roads Many roads are needed to transport timber, cattle and many more things. People then build alongside these roads and destroy more rainforest Cattle Ranching Multinational Companies have bought large areas of rainforest into cattle ranches. They sell the beef to MEDC's. Cattle Ranching is the biggest cause of deforestation.
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