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Ancient Chinese Armour

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Liam Cassidy

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Armour

Ancient Chinese Armour
The Chinese styled armour was originally worn only by
the nobles of the Shang Dynasty. During this Dynasty, it
was then worn later by the Chinese Military. This armour was made with turtle shells tied with chord. These materials were heavy, but this wasn't a factor in constructing the armour as they fought in armoured chariots so they didn't need to move. In some cases in this dynasty, the best were given full amour for front and back, the middle were given front armour and the worst were given half of the front to put on the middle.

The Shang Dynasty
The Zhou Dynasty
Once the Shang was defeated, the Zhou continued using some of the different weapons and fighting methods used by the Shang but they created their own kind of armour that was updated, more efficient, and more durable for the Chinese warriors. This armour was a lot lighter than the one used in the Shang dynasty as they were created from animal hide rather than the heavier turtle shells.
Warring States Period
During This period, the Chinese had such a big army that they couldn't afford to provide armour for every soldier in the army. This meant that only the higher ranked soldiers, or the soldiers that could afford to buy their own could wear the armour. During the Warring States, they had created more durable armour with metals.
Han Dynasty
After the fall of the Qin Dynasty, most of the warriors still war the armour and used the weaponry the Qin Dynasty. Later this dynasty, a new age of armour was created. Also they had the two faced armour that mainly infantry and cavalry wore during wars.
During the dynasties of Ancient China, many types of ways to produce useful armour. Although, through the dynasties, the types of armour have updated in mobility, protection, style and materials. For example in the Shang Dynasty, for their armour they had turtle shells tied together with chords for the warriors to wear. Than as they evolved and the resources were found, during the Han dynasty they were using leather and iron for their main materials, thus meaning that having the leather touching the skin, and the iron onto of the leather, would reduce irritation on the skin and therefore having a stronger military.
Ancient Chinese armour started in the Shang Dynasty (1600 B.C. - 1046 B.C.), when only the Emperor and Chief wore when the Shang was under siege. Thus then producing enough of a different kind for the whole army of warriors to wear. But as the Dynasties changed from the Shang to the Zhou (1046 B.C. - 256 B.C.), the army grew and they couldn't produce enough armoury for all of the army to use, so only the higher ranked officers could wear it. When the Zhou was overtaken by the Warring States (256 B.C. - 221 B.C.) they had found enough sources of material to create enough armour for all the infantry. This was because the materials they were creating them with were produced more. The Armour started in the Shang and ended in the Han.
The armour was used in all wars Ancient China fought in from the Shang Dynasty to protect them and have them not be wounded by most weaponry. As the different Dynasties rolled over, the types of armour that could defend the weaponry from the day. During the battle of Mingtaio, the Xin was over thrown by the Shang. The Shang tribe attacked the Xin at Mingtaio as the Shang tribe wanted to become the ruler of China. Thus because they wanted to overthrow the current ruler because of how they were governing.

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The armies of Ancient China, wore armour to protect themselves from the weaponry. This came across even more so because of the close battle in the battle of Mingtiao. They had few tribes rebelling and only few men survived the infantry of the Xia. The idea of armour was upgraded as the weaponry was too. this meant that if a bow was shot at them the armour could rebound it and they would't die from getting an arrow in the heart. Although at some points they couldn't make enough for everyone, they had upgraded weaponry.
Most of the methods concerning armour are not known by the armour makers in the Western world. But this is how they created the Ancient Chinese Mountain Pattern armour: They used leather and cut pieces with three points and weaved them, although, if this wasn't done properly, it didn't have the full mountain effect. As the armour needs to have enough protection to protect the warrior from weaponry, they tested different materials on the different weapons and upgraded their armour to the best available material. Usually this was a strong material like iron of leather.

Ancient Chinese Dynasty Timeline
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