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No description

Marrissa Spivey

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Horoscopes

Aries Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces March 21-April 20 April 21-May 20 May 21-June 21 June 22-July 22 July 23-August 22 August 23-September 22 September 23-October 22 October 23-November 21 November 22-December 21 December 22-January 19 January 20-February 18 February 19-March 20 a fire sign (means it is full of life)
tend to be physically active & full of energy
they need to stay busy & have a goal at all times Birthstone: Diamond feels confidence with wealth
normally calm & in control
they don't like change of any kind Birthstone: Emerald tired of thinks quickly
adaptable & easy going
great story tellers Birthstone: Garnet deeply emotional and caring
water sports are suitable
can be spiteful & revengeful Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearl great & expensive taste
can be stubborn & self-centered
rather give orders than take them Birthstone: Gold, Orange help friends in need
tend to be critical at times
make great employees Horoscopes Birthstone: Sapphire blessed with many friends
dislike large gatherings
it's important to have a balanced lifestyle Birthstone: Opal love to be in control
dislike surprises
will have success in any career Birthstone: Opal very knowledgeable
love reading
they like their space Birthstones: Topaz & Turquoise ambitious & very organized
can be materialistic
love to plan & have goals Birthstone: Turquoise eccentric & independent
intelligent, sharp, & witty
do well in politics Birthstone: Amethyst very imaginable, emotional & intuitive
like time alone
do well in arts or a small business Birthstone: Aquamarine Taurus
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