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Parks as the Center of Your Community

No description

Jessica Hawn

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Parks as the Center of Your Community

Parks as the Center of Your Community Simulate Nature Landscaped Parks on the Edge of the City Purpose: An open, gathering space for the benefit of the people. Boston Common Park, Boston, MA Peel Park, Salford, England Urban Plaza, Valencia Spain Covent Garden, London Power Bozeman Library and Enhancements Wright Plaza Sturgis Pedestrian Plaza Main Street Square Bozeman, Montana Wright, Wyoming 2008 Beautification Award winner for excellence in the category of Main Street to Mountains Trail Connection

2007 ID/MT Chapter of ASLA Merit Award - LEED Silver Sturgis, South Dakota Main Street Square Rapid City, South Dakota Eirik Heikes, PLA
Landscape Architect and Urban Planner
FourFront Design, Inc. Strategies for Public/Private Partnerships Results Lessons Learned Parks were under-utilized because they were expensive and difficult to travel to. Urban Parks Social Reform and Recreation Central Park Downtown Improvement Districts
Memorandum of Understanding (Operating Agreement)
Partners in Progress (or similar)
Creation of a special management entity dedicated to Operations and Maintenance
Dynamic event coordination
Collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and Community Groups
Creation of a grassroots group of volunteers
Creation of a Public Relations Strategy/Community Involvement
Fund-raising and Financially-sound Management
Corporate sponsorships and in-kind contributions Control of Public Perception is massive.
Visioning creates consensus.
Educate and involve the people.
Success is sometimes measured in small differences in the attendance of events.
Controversy can be positive. Create a controversy and rise above it.
Events are often enhanced by food.
Media can be used for the project's benefit.
Events and creativity will make the space.
Flexibility and creativity in funding (grants, local in-kind, assessments, donations, etc.).
Safety and patrol-ability are key. There is no vandal-proof.
Encourage users to self-manage/self-police.
Opportunities to use adapting technology.
Allow spatial-overlap of uses.
Plan for flexibility and function.
Involve and engage as many people as possible in decision-making.
Create an icon. Make history.
You need a champion. Redevelopment often follows.
Lasting change significantly affects the area. Plan to succeed.
Community Pride and Ownership.
Upkeep and maintenance are central.
Increased economics.
Visitation and tourism.
Defining a unique sense of place.
Active and Passive activities will be custom-tailored to a wide array of users.
Crime could decline.
Property values increase.
Opportunities for involvement or use for everyone.
Proximity to highest-density population.
Social-diversity and positive interaction.
Sustainability and wellness. Parks are for people. The of TEN City Beautiful Movement Parks as the center of your community. 1. Shakespeare in the Park
2. Music on the lawn,
3. Trailhead for biking, jogging, and hiking
4. Sculpture and Display of Art
5. Community Gardens
6. A Meeting Place
7. Art in the Park
8. Café
9. Education and Interpretation
10. Outdoor Reading Space The Power of TEN The Power of TEN 1. Ice Skating Facility
2. Public Garden
3. Water Feature
4. Outdoor Movies
5. Host Location for Concerts and Performances
6. Public and Seasonal Art Displays
7. Farmers Market
8. Fall Festival/Harvest Festival
9. Weddings, Reunions, etc.
10. Contests and Competitions The Power of TEN 1. Motorcycle Rally
2. Car Show
3. Rodeo/Cowboy Days
4. Farmers Market
5. Race/Triathlon/Tournament
6. Living History Event
7. Cookoff (Steak Fondue, Buffalo Burger, etc.)
8. Beer/Whiskey/Bourbon Festival
9.Pyrotechnics Festival
10.Taste of Sturgis Power of the PLAN The Power of TEN 1. Concerts/Summer Nights
2. Rodeo Festival
3. Ice Skating
4. Interactive Fountains/Lights
5. Roller Derby
6. Farmers Market
7. Beer Festival
8. Wine and Art Festival
9. Scare in the Square
10. Private Events
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