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Augustus Ceasar

Emperor Project

Taylor Claiborne

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Augustus Ceasar

September 23, 63 BC in Rome

His fahter was Gaius Octavius but he was adopted by Julius Caesar, his great uncle. His mother was Atia Balba Caesonia. He married three women: Clodia Pulchra, Scribonia, and Livia Drusilla.

Augustus Caesar
Taylor Claiborne
Government Type
Green 3- Latin II
Works Cited
Augustus reformed marriage laws for the upperclass and prompted citizens to bear legitimate children.
Pax Romana, or the peace of Rome lasted for forty years under Augustus' rule.
Rome was an autocracy disguised as Republic. Augustus kept the Senate involved and referred to himself with vague titles to distract the people of his regime.
"I found Rome clothed in brick, and left it clad in marble." (Suetonius)
Augustus started the building program that kept Rome's Imperial facade alive, although it appeared that Rome was built of marble it was actually just clothed in marble.

This program hired lower class citizens and created jobs and established trade/importation of Mediterranian and Carrara marble.

Augustus also had buildings built for his family suggesting the Imperial Bloodline was to be respected.
Augustus was known as the first emperor of Rome.

He built roads across the empire and established a principate to handle all the new land brought into Rome.

Augustus ultimately brought peace.
After his death he was named, by the Senate, a god of Rome.

He wrote a book about his accomplishments "Res Gestae Divi Augusti" (The Deeds of the Divine Augustus).
It is believd that Livia killied a lot of the family to ensure that her son would rule. She also gave poison to Augustus to speed up his death.

Tiberus and his mother, Livia, killed Agrippa Postumus the grandson of Augustus and heir to the throne.

Augustus banished his daughter after the knowledge of her participation of public orgies and did not allow funeral rights after her death.
Other Facts About Caesar and His Family
"Augustus Caesar." Roman Colosseum. Web. 05 Oct. 2011. <http://www.roman-colosseum.info/roman-emperors/augustus-caesar.htm>.

Dickson, Frazer B. "The Achievements of Augustus Ceasar." CLIO History Journal. The Journal Of ACT HTA. Web. < http://cliojournal.wikispaces.com
August 19, 14 AD in Rome
He married three women: Clodia Pulchra, Scribonia, and Livia Drusilla.
He had two personality's in parts of his life.
Before he was emperor he was ambitious, calculating, and at times brutal and cruel.
This all changed when he became emperor.
The personality of Augustus the emperor was wise and fair.
Should he be a
I think he should be a god because he was very responsible by being the first emperor and showing that he can take on all the work and everything along with the job.
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