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History of Hockey and the NHL

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Ryan O'Connor

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of History of Hockey and the NHL

Beginning Of Hockey
-Ball and stick games date back way before hockey ever came about.
-There has been proof of showing that it has been played in many cultures dating back to pre-christian times.
Native Games
-Ball hockey was played on both the ground and on ice.
-Teton-Sioux was a native tribe who played many ball hockey type games.
-They had the first skate for ice. The skate was made of carved buffalo shoulder bones.
Ice Hurley ( Mid 1700's )
- The closest ancestor to hockey
- played with paddles and a ball
- objective is to hit the ball at an opponent or at a target
- it was later brought on the ice and the ball was changed to a puck
James Creighton
- Engineer from Halifax (well educated)
- Grew up playing Ice Hurley
- Became Rugby Player
- Wanted to train during winter
- Invented first indoor rink to play Ice Hurley
As time went on Ice Hurley turned into Hockey
Early Rules

- Creighton made most
- Passes could only be made laterally ( like rugby )
- No player substitutions
- 9 player per each team on the ice surface
- Two 30 minute periods, with one 10 minute break
Montreal Winter Carnivals
- In 1883 Montreal had a yearly Winter Carnival.
- Hockey tournaments were played during.
- In one tournament there were 2 all Montreal teams, and one Team from Quebec.
- The team from Quebec only had 7 players.
- This is where 7v7 was created.
History of Hockey and the NHL

- Lord Stanley attended these carnivals and fell in love with the game of hockey.
Later down the road they named the greatest award in hockey after him. Lord Stanley's Cup.
First Leagues
The First League made was the AHAC. (Amateur Hockey Association of Canada) 1886
The League directly before the NHL was the NHA (National Hockey Association)
The NHL began when the NHA ended in 1917.
- November 26, 1917 NHL is founded
-December of the same year was the first game
- March 2, 1922 was the last 7v7 game
- March 22 was the first hockey broadcast.
- February 20th, 1930 was the first goalie to ever wear a mask.
During the 1930's they first introduced the icing, penalty shot, and offside rules to the game.
- 1936 was the first coast to coast NHL radio broadcast.
- In 1940 they had the first ever televised NHL game.
- The Great Depression and World War II reduced the league to six teams.
The Original Six
Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins
Chicago Blackhawks
New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings
The League doubled in size and the Original six then formed the East division while the new teams formed the West.
- In 1943 the Hockey Hall Of Fame was created, and opened in 1961.
- 1945 Rocket Richard sets a record for the most goals (50 goals in 50 games).
1949 was the Toronto Maple Leafs 3rd Stanley Cup in a row.
- 1955 the zamboni was first introduced.
Crazy Fans
Richard was suspended.
This started the great Montreal riot.
-1963 two big things happened.
- this was the first year they had a draft.
- first time they separated the sin bins.

- the biggest difference is because of how organized
the drafting has become, teams are evened out a little
-New rules are incorporated, such as the head checking rule.

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