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Bessie Smith and the Influence of the Harlem Renaissance

A look through the past to remember the ideas and see the impressions they left.

Kimberly Turner

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Bessie Smith and the Influence of the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance and its immpression on the future. Although the Harlem Renaissance was a time to combine the cultures of the United States, many weren't ready to embarce the collaboration of races. Some followed the new trend of "fashionable black music and poetry", while others continued in the ways of segeragation. Music,art and literature were the mediums that allowed the black community to express their ideas as well as showcase their identities.Through these different forms of self expression,they were able to discover and embrace their culture that had been repressed by the conditions of slavery. The Music of Bessie Smith By Kimberly Turner
Phoebe Cardova From music to literature, the time of the Harem Renissance was an explosion of new ideas. The black culture became somthing that was no longer repressed and a secret, but the new beat to life. Musicians such as Duke Ellionton and Louis Armstrong provided the pulse of the Harlem Renissance, while Artists and poets alike, created pieces that told the stories. Along with the dispersion of new ideas,the Harlen Renissance had a dark side.Aside from the glamor of few people, many newly migrated African Americans struggled to find their sparkle. Life was hard for those that were average, and as much as people embraced the idea that black was beautiful, unless you were the next big singer, you were just another black on the street. With the start of changes, America bacame the place of new oppritunites. For Blacks all around, the Harlem Renissance was a new wave of ideas and social compliance.
As a result of World War One, and the large need for industrial work, many migragetd from the south, up to the cities of the north. There, in this one place, oppurtunity was everywhere, and depite the war, Americas economy was booming. This created the start of the Harlem Renissance. Unforutuanly, all great things must come to an end, yet this one left an unremovable imprint on the American culture.
Now, in the 21st century, concepts like slam poetry, and rap are just evolutions of the ideas created in the past. With out the ideas and impressions made by the Harlem Renissance, America wouldn't have its unorthodox personallity that continues to make it great. Listening to her voice and style, Bessie Smith had and unforgetable rythem that moved America.Whether fun and playful, or serious and harsh, Smith always told a story that could last throughtout time. Known as the "Emperis of blues", Bessie Smith was a one of a kind singer that commanded the stages as one of the greatest blues singers of the Harlem Renissance.Mutifacited Smith excelled from Broadway to swing, and back to blues. Recording numerous hit songs, Smith contiued to move America until her death in September of 1937. She was injured in a car accident aloung Route 66. Smith left behind an aray of memories to impress the world.
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